10 Hot Guys We Wish Had Menswear Blogs… Including Ryan Gosling

Don't get us wrong, we love the menswear bloggers that already exist. You guys are dapper, handsome, sharp, witty and inspiring. Sometimes though, we think about how amazing it would be to have style insights from some of the public figures we worship in movies, TV, music and sports. We admire how Revenge star Ashley Madekwe runs her own personal style blog, Ring My Bell, and wish some famous guys would do the same, don't you? So who makes our list? Well, it was difficult to narrow down, and trust us, cutting out favorites like Johnny Depp, LeBron James and Justin Timberlake was heartbreaking.

1. Ryan Gosling

Hey girl, I'm pretty sure RG is the most swoon-worthy guy in Hollywood these days, but it's not just his good looks that appeal to us. The man has style. Whether he's strolling the streets in a cardigan with his dog, George, or walking the red carpet in a suit with his friend, George Clooney, he always looks, well, perfect. (To see all his best style moments, we recommend The Cut's RG lookbook.)

2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It feels like JGL came storming into our collective conscience when 500 Days of Summer came out, but he's really been around for quite some time. (Remember 3rd Rock From The Sun?) Now with a Batman movie and a GQ cover under his belt, he's solidified his return and made more than his fair share of well-dressed appearances.

3. Jason Segal

Okay, okay, so Jason Segal is not exactly the best-dressed dude around, but hear us out: He's so funny. Can you imagine his commentary on getting dressed for red carpet events? His day-to-day coffee run looks in Los Angeles? Maybe he would even have guest posts from The Muppets!

4. Andre 3000

Now, here's a guy who really, really, needs to have a style blog. The hip-hop artist (one half of Outkast) always looks fantastic – and he takes sartorial risks. From hats to suspenders to bold colors, Andre 3000 is one of the most stylish guys out there. Period.

5. Kanye West

This one is kind of a no-brainer, right? Kanye has designed his own line (and shown it in Paris, no less), and wears Celine on stage. He also raps about his favorite designers frequently (Maison Martin Margiela, Celine…). He once had his own blog (remember when he would go on and on IN ALL CAPS?), and has been known to take to Twitter for a good rant or two, so we think it's only a natural progression for him to combine his love for fashion and digital media into a menswear blog.

6. Joshua Jackson (styled by Diane Kruger)

We can't officially confirm in Diane is the one who dresses Joshua Jackson, but there's no denying how great these two look just about any time they're snapped by photographers. Their style compliments each other so well, and we can imagine that a blog by the former Pacey Witter would have lots of ideas for real-life dressing (especially when you want your look to compliment your significant other).

7. Amare Stoudemire


This basketball star has made his interest in fashion fairly clear – he sat front row with Anna and Hamish at Tommy Hilfiger's Spring 2011 show, and collaborated with Rachel Roy as well. He's tall, handsome, and GQ recently called him one of the best-dressed men in sports. We'd like to think that while traveling with the Knicks on planes, trains and automobiles, he might have time to pop open his laptop and educate the Internets on how he styles himself so well.

8. Ryan Lochte

Hear us out on this one! Lochte's at-home personal style may be more frat boy than finely-dressed Olympian, but the man can work a suit. He's announced that he's looking to develop his own fashion line, and if you ask us – that's blog worthy. Would there be spelling and grammar errors? Probably. But to see more of that smile and his questionable-but-at-least-authentic style on the Internet would be a win for everyone. Plus, he's already on Twitter and Instagram.

9. Pharrell Williams

Aside from his sexy singing voice and rapping as part of N.E.R.D., we love Pharrell for his chameleon-like style. One minute he's sporting a cool mix of streetwear pieces and covet-able kicks, the next he's sleek and James Bond-like in a tux. If he can write like he raps, his blog would definitely be one to make it into our bookmarks.

10. Psy

You guys, how could we not? The Korean pop star that has taken pretty much the entire world by storm definitely deserves a mention on our list, and would probably be an amazing menswear blogger. The IFB team is also fairly sure we saw him in TriBeCa about a month ago, looking as dapper as he does in his viral sensation “Gangnam Style” video. He's smart, seemingly very fun-loving and has a truly unique sense of style that would surely make him a Tumblr legend, don't you think? (It should be noted that he's been asked to speak at Oxford University next month! Dang!)


What well dressed famous guys do YOU wish had menswear blogs?


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10 Responses

  1. Rachelle Porsenna

    oooh I love this post I have the biggest crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ryan Lochte I would really really love their blogs. Kanye would make an amazing blogger, his sense of style is Fantastic. Joshua Jackson will always be Pacey in my book lol.

  2. Stu

    Ok, so I was pleasantly surprised by the content of this article. I saw the title and was initially unsettled – I’m a male fashion blogger and I’d like to think that people read my blog because they find my opinions interesting and insightful (or, at the very least, ‘kinda funny’), not because of how I look.

    However, the article itself actually reveals that this more about ’10 well dressed men with a unique and interesting sense of style we wish had menswear blogs’, but I guess that doesn’t make as much of a snappy permalink.

    I’m in the progress of writing an(other!) article about straight men right now on http://www.notsolonelylondoners.com, it should be live in about an hour or two and I hope you might find it interesting!


  3. Ais

    While I’m interested in reading some of the other blogs if they ever become reality, I’m afraid Psy would take the cake. He seems smart, fun sense of fashion, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously that he couldn’t joke around a bit which is a big draw to me.

  4. Meaghan

    OMG! Thank you Taylor for posting this and making Ryan Gosling number 1. I now have an excuse to post a picture of him to my Facebook page-ha!
    Joking aside though, I don’t follow any male fashion blogs. However for Ryan, I would definitely be following. 🙂