Beef Up Your Editorial Calendar By Utilizing Different Types of Posts

Over here at IFB, we live by our editorial calendar. It's our monthly, weekly and daily bible. It's essential that we plan out our content to make sure we're covering all the topics we need to, and to make sure we don't repeat ourselves or miss deadlines.

As a blogger running your personal site, you can benefit hugely from establishing an editorial calendar. Even if you're not pushing massive amounts of content daily, knowing how your week or month looks in advance will help you establish a trusted routine for your readers and manage your busy schedule more effectively.

For some bloggers, you've only got one type of post and that's your thing. If so, then this post isn't really for you. However, if you're open to posting different kinds of content that all lends itself to your personal taste, your niche and your aesthetic, then you might want to consider outlining and specifying which types of posts will run on which days, to create a rhythm to your content. Feel the beat with these 7 types of fashion blog posts. (One for each day of the week, get it?)

1. Personal Style / Outfit Post

As a fashion blogger, this may be the meat-and-potatoes of your usual blog content. This post will have your original photography, personal style commentary and links to your affiliate networks.

2. Collage Trend/Shopping Post

Collage posts allow you a lot of freedom in the type of topics you cover. You can address a certain trend, a certain style of items, a hot color, anything! Whether you use Photoshop, PowerPoint, Polyvore, ShopSense or any other tool to make your collaged image, don't forget that this is also an opportunity for monetization.

3. DIY (do it yourself) Post

I could go on-and-on about what goes into a great DIY post, but instead I will direct you to this post: 5 Easy Steps For The Ultimate DIY Post.

4. Editorial or Runway Coverage

During fashion week (month) you might want to punch up your editorial calendar with coverage and reviews of the collections and runway shows. These posts are a great way to add exciting visuals to your content. Just be sure to properly credit the sources where you find your images (unless you're shooting them yourself!) Similarly, you might see a particularly inspiring magazine editorial to share with your readers.

5. Fashion or Beauty Product Review

As you build your blog readership, you establish yourself as a trusted resource for reviews and advice. Your followers listen to you, so why not carve a place in your calendar to share your personal favorite beauty products, apparel purchases, spa treatments, books, nail polish, and the list goes on. Speak honestly and direct readers to where they can find your favorite things.

6. Celebrity Style / Get The Look

Take a note from blogs like Le Fashion and Budget Babe on how to create great celebrity style and get-the-look posts. Along with adding editorial commentary about why you like a certain look or outfit, create a shopping component so that you and your readers can recreate the same aesthetic. (See our post on how to elevate your celebrity style content.)

7. Lifestyle Content

We mentioned last week how fashion blogs can benefit from incorporating lifestyle content into their editorial calendar. Whether it's food, decor, fitness or travel – these kinds of posts add variety and share a different aspect of your personality with your readers.

How do you organize your content? Do you include a variety of post styles?

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  1. Cylia Herbertson

    I love a good variety of posts.. I do ‘how to’ posts, I’m now middle of my fall layering series. Posting 3 looks that will get you the best layer outfits. I also did a few ‘fall essentials’ posts, where I used my previous outfits to showcase ‘knitwear, coats & jackets etc.’ Then I also do a monthly outfit round-up, plan a post called ‘2 outfits in one’, and right now I’m planning on doing more deep, interesting articles.. I just did an article about ‘what do you think of a designer hype’ (source:

  2. Heather

    I post three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Although I don’t have a monthly editorial system, I do try to include a mix when I write my posts for the week. Most of my posts are personal style, but I also include “link love” posts to share my favorite articles, beauty reviews, and sponsored posts.

  3. Krystal Baptiste

    I post on Saturdays and Sundays. I divide my content in to categories, so readers can read which posts they are interested in. I like to keep my blog very organized, and keeping the reader in mind.

  4. Hayley

    Never thought of doing this for my personal blog. I work to an editorial schedule for work-work but actually it would be a good idea to keep me on track with personal posts too! 🙂

  5. Christi Jay

    Very helpful information! I struggle with organization on my blog because I want to share so much about what I love to make and do, never really thought of having a set schedule to kind of streamline all these creative ideas. Thank you!

  6. Ricky CATS & DOGS

    Hey, yeah! That’s exactly what I do. Without having read this list before, I’ve been publishing exactly in these categories on my blog CATS & DOGS for a long time now. Even though outfit posts seem to be most popular among my readers, the other posts just bring some change and fresh wind into the blog.

    Another thing I do once a month is a playlist of ten songs along with ten photographs of a certain topic. I think it’s gonna be scary this month, Halloween and all, haha!

  7. yasella

    i’m actually in the middle of revamping my blog…i have lots of ideas for content but get totally stuck when it comes to titles or title series..anyone have any ideas for titles? For example – I recently attended an art exhibition and wanted to cover that a bit..what would I call that…any ideas?

  8. Paula Aquino

    Me too! Since I don’t have the time to post everyday. (I’m still in college) I take my time to publish an outfit post on Sundays for example then lifestyle post on wednesday (or something that happened last weekend. Of course, It’s fashion related) then a shopping on friday’s. And since, it’s fashion week right now in Manila. I sooo have a lot of opportunities to post on some runway reviews. Thanks IFB! this post was so helpful! 🙂

  9. Mode_Plus

    This was such a helpful post. I’ve been struggling to post regularly. Having side projects and a fulltime job makes it even harder. Although seven days a week sounds a bit out of my league at the moment, I think this calender idea might give me some proper blogging structure. Thnx again IFB!

  10. Mindy Miles Greenberg

    Great ideas but could get easily de-railed with events that are so big + over many days that I could post a couple of stories on that one event. I started writing On-Trend Tuesdays with this concept in mind but found any format to be limiting instead of liberating. Thanks for reminding me + sharing these organization skills -mmg

  11. Maya

    As I blog about two things: both architecture and my own personal style, my posts are already mixed up. Also I don’t have the time to go take photo’s for a personal style post every day so having the ability to mix it up is great. Sometimes the new theme is already there (some place I visited or a holiday or whatever) but some days I really need to think ‘hmm what have I been neglecting lately’ and I’ll make a post in that direction 🙂
    It’s more or less organic though, I don’t follow a strict calendar it never worked for me personally before, I like to post what pops into my head that day 😀

  12. Devon -

    I’ve found that having an editorial calendar has really helped me pull together my posts and what I’m trying to communicate with my blog. I lean naturally towards being super-organized, so have a cue-crd system with post categories and ideas – that way, I can take a step back and look at the cards and see how the weeks ahead are shaping up.

    But it has been important to keep some spontaneity in the mix! When the mood strikes, it’s nice to shuffle up the post calendar a bit to fit in a new one.


  13. Irene

    FXW12 is only 3 months old, so I’ve experienced a bit of trial and error.

    Since 95% of my post is fab large size shoes, and 5% art exhibits, industry news, how-to etc. I found that I burned myself out pretty fast by creating large trend posts 2x/ 3x a week, doing single shoe post and sidebar post. That in addition to being active on my social media sites (twitter instagram pinterest), posting to stumbleupon and reddit, posting and answering shoe related questions in multiple forums and performing blog maintenance (backing up my post every 2 wks, re-editing, etc)…. WHEW! Oh and holding down a full time intense job.

    You can see why I started to fizzle. So yesterday I finally sat my butt down and created Novembers schedule–which includes a new feature I’m adding to the blog– and guess what!? I’ve already written and scheduled the first half of November’s posts.

    For professional bloggers- CALENDARS ARE OUR BFF’s!

  14. Sabrina + Mariana

    This is a good variety and it helps to keep a wider audience interested too. I really enjoy lifestyle posts, especially, because you get more insight into the blogger’s taste and get to learn about some interesting things and places.