Chronic Complainers: Take Your Life (and Blog) Into Your Own Hands

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Complaining is the junk food of online media — it feels good while you're doing it, but often times you feel awful afterward.

Twitter is a great platform to complain, isn't it? We all do it. I'm guilty of it, too…

It seems like with the surge in social media and blogging, has also accompanied a surge in public complaints. (*Note: Complaining is also different than giving thorough and thoughtful criticism, just so we're clear.) Mine are clearly of a G-rating, but it's not hard to find others with much more vengeance cutting way deeper, especially to complete strangers.

It seems like CopyBlogger feels the same way. They recently posted a “call to action” for Internet publishers to bring back some “civility” to the blogosphere. Their point? Even if you only have one reader, if you publish online you're influencing the thinking of others, and if we all band together, we can make our global online community a better place to live and work. The author, Sonia Simone, comes up with a list of things we as a whole can do to help the cause. I'm here to elaborate on her suggestions beyond simply bullying and troll-like behavior, but the negativity that reeks on social media and some blogs.

We've talked about not-so-nice commenters before, but what about the whining blogger?

What can you do to separate yourself from a sea of moaning and groaning? Here's four things to think about the next time you're about to serve some whine with that cheese…

1. Every day, do better. It may sound corny, but looking forward is only way to keep yourself on track. Dwelling on what you don't like won't accomplish anything.

2. Speaking your mind is something we trumpet, but be thoughtful of others. Go ahead, explain your stance, stand up for what you believe, but leave out the name-calling and the trivial stuff. It's simple — just rise above it. Be bold if you want to be bold, but always put yourself in someone else's shoes before you jump on the “hate train.”

3.  Don't expect anyone to hold your hand. Think this way: “Ask not what you can gripe about, but what you can do about your gripe.” Take what's bothering you into your own hands and fix it. The only thing you can control is yourself.

4. Set the right tone. Remember, YOU set the tone of your blog — it can be whatever you want. If you want to voice your opposition to a brand, do it. But do it with a reason. Just like you would explain why you like a pair of shoes, tactfully explain why you are bothered or angered about something.

For more on this, see our Stop Whining, Start Shining post

How do you feel about chronic complainers on the Internet? Are you a chronic complainer?

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6 Responses

  1. Tarandip

    Where do we even begin with the Chronic Complainers?

    Us as bloggers should note that our blog is only in our own hands and thus we have the ability to fix/ change it. Complaining about it is not going to solve it and will only leave a sour after taste in our followers. After all no one likes to read whiny thoughts. There’s definitely that fine line between being whiny and speaking your mind.

    Just my 2 cents!


  2. The Glamorous Housewife

    My blog/brand is a complain free zone. I find blogs that complain, insult, snark, and gossip to be boring. I want to be inspired by the blogs I read, not brought down.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  3. Christina

    This is just plain good life advice too! Complaining wastes times that could be spent doing something to fix a problem. Agree an all accounts!

  4. ivana

    There are so many things I love that I don’t have time to focus on the negative. Shifting the energy to good stuff is what improves the mood and creates good quality content.

    I like encouraging readers to follow their own taste, regardless of their age or physique. That’s what style is all about.


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