DailyCandy Taps Into Social Gaming, Launches New Mobile App Called DailyCandy Scout

Did you know having your readers play games can boost your audience's engagement with your content?

Brands, like DKNY, have tapped into social gaming to boost their product and customer engagement. But now DailyCandy, a multiplatform women's digital media company, is utilizing game-tactics through mobile devices with their new app, DailyCandy Scout.

With DailyCandy Scout the DailyCandy team posts challenges for their users, ranging from DIY nail art to street style looks, as a way to show off their creativity and trend spotting skills, but also to win prizes. Like their website, topics cover a wide spectrum, including fashion, entertainment, and food — and as a result, the platform shedding a new light on mobile/consumer culture.

As a fashion bloggers, being forward-thinking in how to engage with your readership is a vital lifeline.

Would you consider incorporating social gaming with your blog?


The iPhone app, which is in partnership with H&M, was released yesterday. The app is free, you can download it on iTunes

Start thinking about how you too can start incorporating gamification into your blog:


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