How To Pose Like A Fashion Blogger


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Hey, guess what? I'm not a personal style blogger! In fact, I'm quite awkward in front of the camera. But then I saw this — and I figured, if this guy can work the typical personal style blog poses, so can I. So, in a sort of social experiment (I guess), I am making an attempt to pose like a fashion blogger. (Spoiler alert: I could use some practice.)

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  1. Donna

    Hmmmm. I’ve only used two of these. I’m too old and tall to do the cute poses. The looking away pose I do like, as well as putting one foot forward. Depending on what you’re wearing and how your body is positioned, it can make you look long and lean. Unfortunately I’m at a weight where there aren’t many poses that I think look good for me. I used to be thin up until a few years ago (beware medicines that have weight gain as a side effect. Your Dr. generally won’t tell you about that, so research anything you’re given.). Now I don’t know how to stand to show off the clothes and still look decent. Anyone have suggestions?


    • Veronica

      Hi Donna, I checked out your blog! Great Job! I think you would be great with some of these poses:
      Everyday poses- Walking down the street, talking on the phone, etc.
      Sitting Poses- Great to show off accessories in detail

      Great Job on your blog!

    • Stephanie

      I’ve gotten a lot of “posing” compliments on my blog. I don’t know if that’s because I’m actually a good poser or because my readers are super nice. But you can definitely take a look at some of my posts for ideas!

      -Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

  2. Tarandip

    Poses have been a hard to master ever since I started doing personal style posts. I find it hugely unnatural/ awkward and everything you mentioned in the article. That being said, I’ve decided to venture into taking pictures that are slightly more editorial and tell a story. Though they demand more work, they’re more interesting and worthwhile! That way we can bid goodbye to awkward gazes over the horizon.


  3. Stu

    Thanks for the credit and the link, Chelsea. If you want to repost any of my pictures and words, feel free to do so. I could totally deal with being on the front page of IFB 😉

  4. Blondies Style Fix <3

    this made me laugh so much – you brilliant at what you do, and i always love a bit of humour in a post (my life evolves on it!) the giving birth one was enough for me! ahaahhaa!
    May have to give some of these poses a go – wish me luck ;D

  5. Marisa

    I take my own photos so the posing is especially difficult and awkward. It seems like there is no way around it. I try to stick with the same basic poses. I do prefer pics that tell a story but that is exceedingly difficult to do without my own photographer. I think there are good quality blogs out there that don’t focus too much on poses since it’s about the personal style and it seems to work for them.

  6. Stephanie

    Lol. I like my poses. I do the looking over yonder one a lot, but for the most part, mine are candids (or much different from those!) =D

    -Stephanie from Chocolate Laced

  7. ivana

    Well, it depends on the blogger and their goals. If they are having fun, why not? Its important to enjoy doing what we love.
    Otherwise, if they wish to be taken more seriously and professionally, browsing through some magazines can give us great posing ideas.


  8. Scarlett

    Yeahhh those poses like ” Im not aware of the camera.” but they obviously are….anyways…its also magazine influence I guess…High fashion models..pose like that.and they´re not even alive…proably it started also when this really young models with not experience at all…had their first shooting, they probably didn´t know how to pose…but guess what…photographers liked it..!
    I´ve never try those anyways…they most likely favoures tall and very skinny girls…Im more fit type…and have to take care or I get wrong angles… know what I mean

  9. Maggie

    I’m having the worst night ever and I stumbled across this post and I literally just burst out in laughter!!!

    Thank You

  10. Rachel

    So helpful! I’m constantly asking my friend that takes my pictures, “ok what do I do now? What have I done before?” haha, it’s much harder than it sounds

    Glitzy Blues

  11. Bree

    That is such a funny post, I laughed so hard! I have done a few of these, the laugh ones are always legit though – I get awkward in photos and my boyfriend is hilarious so he is great at making me laugh = less awkward looking photos.

  12. Elena

    Such a lovely post! I used to work with professional photographers and its so easy to pose when they direct you correctly, but every time my husband take pictures of me I just feel shy and ridiculous, so the best way is just to make a cute pose:)

  13. Anh Nguyen

    i can’t ever get the poses down so i sorta gave up and don’t post outfit posts or anything… every once in awhile i will brave it and try it again… i think i have a complex bc i’m so short!

  14. Heather

    This is hilarious – and true!!! I always feel awkward… but I am so stealing that “like a boss” line to help me channel my inner boss, love it!

    Pearls & Paws

  15. Michaela

    I am definitely guilty of using some of these poses, but this post is hilarious. Why we go for the one-legged-casual-slouch is beyond me.

    Keep looking chic!

  16. Alice

    This article was too funny! I couldn’t help laughing a little (okay, maybe I laughed a lot) 🙂
    The sad part is that I basically resort to a few of these poses every time I’m taking photos. It’s hard to think of creative ways to stand/sit/squat/position yourself to show off the outfit while also not looking like a lunatic.

    If anyone has any creative poses, I would love to hear about them!
    Otherwise, I guess I’ll just stick to my twirling, jumping, and crazy laughter poses. Heehee 😀