What Have You Done For Your Blog Lately?!

During the workday, we listen to a lot of music in the IFB offices. To get our posts done and stay focused, we put in our headphones and put our fingers to the keyboard. Perhaps all this music is what inspired the headline for this post – and by that we mean a certain Janet Jackson. (She's an office favorite.) Her seminal hit, What Have You Done For Me Lately?, inspired us to think about how important it is to keep putting in effort, even after you think you've got this whole blogging thing figured out. What have you as a blogger, done for your site, your social media, your partners – latelyWe asked a few community members to share just what exactly they've done for their blogs lately, and we think seeing how they're staying fresh and evolving will give you some food-for-thought on doing the same.

So, just what have you done for your blog, lately?


“A few times a week, I now devote about half an hour to going through my favorite blogs, and discovering new ones, and actually commenting on posts. There are so many times when I read a post I really respond to, but I rarely take the time to actually comment on it, or ask a question that I'm thinking. I've noticed that there are times when I won't receive as many comments as I usually do on my posts even though I'm getting the same amount of hits, and instead of fretting about it, I figured people were doing what I tend to do and just not commenting. By disabling the captcha and adding Disqus, I've found that readers are more likely to respond because it's easier. And by commenting on others' posts (real, genuine comments) you're also helping to build your own community!”

Asma, Haute Muslimah

“We updated our social media buttons to make a better use of our page space. It makes the page crisper and more user friendly. We also added a new Outfit button and buttons to link to Britt's Style and Whit's Style. It has actually really helped in terms of additional traffic to posts that have a tendency to get buried. We post everyday so sometimes weekly visitors do not get to see all the content that we create. It also has allowed our readers to go directly to posts that are more relevant to what they are looking for in terms of style or outfits, and they end up staying longer on our site. We also love that it helps differentiate us to our readers as sometimes we still get asked “Who is Britt and who is Whit?””

Britt and Whit, Brit & Whit

“I've gotten back into dedicating time to it. It's easy to become overly busy but I've once again made my blog a priority!”

Meghan, Wit & Whimsy

“I started taking a photography class a few weeks ago! It's just a month long 4 week class but after 2 sessions it's already been so helpful and informational. It's helped with both the photos I take myself for my blog, as well as helps me to instruct others who help me with outfit posts on how to work my camera!”

Kiley, A Sequin Dress At Breakfast

“I'm working on a redesign for my site to launch pretty soon, with a focus on higher-quality images and displaying more posts on my main page.”

Jenni, I Spy DIY

“The best thing I've done for my blogging lately was actually to shut down my blog, Holier than Now, and start a fresh new chapter, called Lady (heyladi.es). The format of Holier was challenging to keep up because every trend post / collage / round up was extremely time consuming. I wanted to be able to keep up Cult of Pretty (the beauty blog) and do a personal style/fashion blog as well, and there was no way I could do both unless they were each in an effective format so I could post efficiently. I was afraid to shut down Holier but so far so good. My major partners (in terms of advertising projects) have had no issues with the move and are happy to support style projects on Lady. Most importantly, I felt that I had to continue to feel excited and inspired to blog, and I wanted a blog that was reflective of who I am today vs. who I was 3 years ago when I started Holier, and if it meant closing one book and opening another, that was OK with me. It was also definitely a strategy of weeding to watch it grow (in terms of the blogs overall). To weed out Holier meant to invest in Cult of Pretty, which had grown to be the bigger blog and arguably a more valuable platform for me.”

Ann, Lady & Cult of Pretty

We want to know, what have YOU done for your blog lately?


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  1. 9to5couture

    i’m a relatively new blog and found myself writing posts that would garner traffic vs. posting things that i really love and adore. i took a step back and said to myself what do i really want to achieve and how much time do i really have to dedicated to achieving it. this wake up call resulted in me restruturing my content and now i’m in love with every single post! if i believe in it, they will come! 🙂

  2. Delaila

    Hey so I have totally neglected my blog for more than a year and I definitely want to get back in the swing of things. I was so worried about not knowing how to maintain it that I just gave up on it totally. I just would like sole advice on how I can re-launch or bring attention to my blog yet again. I have been reading so many things people are challenged by and a lot of those things I faced as well. I’m ready to give my website the needed time I just don’t know what to do to take the first step. I feel like I’m starting a new website all over again. Any advice, feedback or tips would be very much appreciated. Thank you

  3. TheAsiaMonique

    What I have done for my blog within these past few weeks: tweaked a few of the advertisers/networks on the sidebar and their sizing, so that I could optimize the spacing. AS well, I changed the ongoing campaign pics at the top which is pretty cool

  4. Nikki Hodum

    I am really focusing on developing my blog now. I have been blogging for about 2 years, but am really working to develop it now. I’ve started keeping an editorial calendar (that goes about 2 weeks out) and am working on posts ahead of time to perfect them. I am really trying to challenge myself with my posts and focus on fashion for the majority of the content, and am starting to do some outfit/ personal style posts which is a challenge in itself. I want more pictures taken by me (or my husband). I plan on spending the weekend working on new ideas for posts.

  5. Rachel

    I’ve had a quality cull. Now I know what type of posts really fit in, which ones don’t, which ones work and which ones leave a little to be desired, I’ve been really strict with my content, and my follower count has been reaping the results!

  6. Akvile

    I added “you might also like” app and currently am working on pages. This is the idea I found here on IFB (thanks!). Even I’m lost sometimes in my blog history, so how are supposed my readers to find everything they want? Next to the pages “about”, “press” etc. I also added “fashion weeks diary” and there’s “fashion illustration” and “working at the magazine” coming soon.

    A. from http://doc-fashion.blogspot.com/

  7. The Glamorous Housewife

    First of all I am currently working on a huge blog redesign and will be switching from Blogger to WP. In the meanwhile my new thing is to join link parties. My blog had stagnated in its pageviews but after joining some link parties my readership jumped big time!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

    • Sheryl Blasnik

      What exactly is a “Link Party”? How did this help to grow your followers? Thanks


  8. Rachel

    I’ve been really working on commenting on others! Gotta spread the love to receive it! All of these tips are pretty helpful, too

    Glitzy Blues

  9. Anna Carina

    I am always working on my blog, I am always changing things, Improving it.
    Always fighting with the HTML.
    I am looking for some excerpts plugin that actually works!

  10. Pamela E

    Working with Other blogs & making friends & kinda coming up with more ideas for my blog & taking to work on posts.

  11. Chaudie

    I Just colored a commissioned drawing of myself and made it my new header. And refitted my blog with a background that reflects the change. Now I’m organizing my evernote notebooks and created content ideas at the same time.

  12. Nasreen

    I finally changed some of the designs for my blog. I found myself trying to copy the fonts and layout of big time blogs but i’ve realised i dont want to be another copy so im following my own individual style 🙂


  13. Jacqueline Jax

    I am always trying to shake things up. Here’s a new tip Terrific post btw. I have also discovered that tumblr allows you to link your instagram so every time I post on one, it auto pilots a photo and links to the other. It’s great because I can hit archive on my http://jacquelinejax.tumblr.com/archive page and my month of cool pics are magically revealed at a glance. Share that link and your followers will love it. Check it out!

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