IFB Project #70: Our Halloween Costume Challenge!

*Before we continue with the description for this week's IFB Project, we just want to make a quick note that we are updating the rules for our project submissions.

1. Your post must mention somewhere (it can be small and at the bottom if you like) that it is a submission for the IFB project, with a hyperlink to the IFB post.

2. Your post must have been created within the week that the project was posted.

The reason we are doing this is to make the project fair to those who put in effort to create original content for the project each week. If your post does not meet these criteria, it will not be chosen for the round up post. We want to encourage and inspire creativity in the community, so we hope that by making our guidelines more specific, the results will be even better!

Mean Girls, Halloween

Boo! Did I scare you? Probably not, but I can't help getting into the Halloween spirit this weekend. I think for many people you're either a Halloween person – or you're not. I'm definitely a Halloween person. My birthday falls around the holiday every years, so I grew up having costume parties and happily making myself sick on too many pieces of (very small) candy.

As I've gotten older, October 31st continues to be an excuse for me to still go over the top with the costumes and the sweets, and I'm hoping you're the same way. For this week's IFB Project – I want to see your Halloween costume! Create an outfit post, a DIY tutorial, or a collage that illustrates how you'll be getting spooky this year, and share it with the community.

Post your link below by midnight on Tuesday, October 30th, and we will post our winners on the 31st – Halloween! It's pretty perfect, isn't it? (Don't forget to follow the above guidelines so your post can be selected.)

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8 Responses

  1. Chasing Sheila

    This week’s project was fun! It gave me a chance to showcase my halloween costume trend this year, highlighting English women, fiction-ary or real.


  2. Airene

    Fun project, and happy halloween to everyone! stay safe!

    xo, airenevalerie.blogspot.com/

  3. Ais

    This was a really fantastic challenge, I had so much fun making myself into a zombie 🙂 My husband would much rather I go the route of sexy vampire, but c’mon…is that really what you want on Halloween? More sexy? Meh.

  4. Rachel

    this was such a FUN challenge. But what happened to the winners? i haven’t seen a post saying who won im so curious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nina

      I’m curious too! I’ve been checking back everyday to see if the winner has been announced yet. Don’t leave us hanging! D: