How Do You Explain To Someone That You Blog? Our Experience Through Gif Reactions



Have you ever had an experience with someone who just doesn't “get” blogging? If you've been professionally blogging for some time, it's likely you have.

So, how do you explain to someone you blog for a living? Here's how the conversation usually goes down…

1. Someone engages in conversation at party, and inherently asks, “What do you do?”:

2. I'm all like, “I'm an independent fashion blogger.”:

3. And they're all like, “That's a job?”:

4. And I'm all like, “Mmmm hmmm”:

5. Astonished, the follow up question is usually, “You can make money from that!?”:

6. And I'm all like, “Do I look like I mess around?”:

7. Then they're all like:

8. And then I'm all like:

9. Then it's all like:

10. But then I'm just like:

[Image credit: WhatShouldWeCallMe]

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30 Responses

  1. TerranceJ

    This brought me into tears from laughter. Dammit, this is hilarious – this same situation happened to me a few days ago. I walked into Façonnable and talked with a supervisor, who was clueless as to what blogging was, even after an explanation. Luckily, I carry in a portfolio fully printed web pages of my best posts, which seemed to get him to understand that I was at least doing a legitimate endeavor. Number 9 was his face for the entire time, but more power to us 😀

  2. clairelynette

    lmao, I needed that. Most of the people in my town are just getting around to the idea of the internet… Calling myself a blogger to them is like saying I’m a unicorn and then I get major side-eye or “Oh that’s just Claire! Bless her heart”

  3. Hey Mishka

    This is funny, but it doesn’t lend itself to the level of editorial cred I’ve come to expect from IFB… seems like something you’d tweet a link to, but not worth the digital real estate of this site. Just my 2 cents !

  4. sascha

    This made me laugh, sooo true! What great way to start my morning!

    I’m an aspiring photojourno, but i mainly write on my blog and do the odd bit of freelance photography when I can find the right projects that will have me lol.
    It is hard to explain to people, and i hate doing it. Especially at partys or to my grandparents. Everyone expects you to either be at Uni still or working the 9 till 5. Yawn!
    Its much harder finding work all the time and exhausting even at times. People like to assume its easy. Some bloggers or freelancers dont get enough credit! Having said that you need initial talent in the first place to show off on your blog.

  5. Janice Lunes

    hahah omg this was absolutely hilarious !!


  6. Bree

    hahaha SO true and so hilarious. I don’t blog for a living but I do get questions about my blog. Some of the people I know think blogs are just “stupid” and they especially think that fashion blogs are for “snobs” which is too bad because I definitely would say the fashion bloggers I’ve met are any but that. I feel like most bloggers are people who like to connect to others and I try to explain that. I often get looked at as a nut though.

  7. Jill

    This made my day. Had this at the dentist office the other day… :/ Why does “what do you do?” even make for good small talk!??!

  8. nionvox

    The most rude reaction I got is people assuming i make nothing of it and it’s not work. I spend more time working on my content than you do at your day job, biatch!