5 Things to Do For Your Blog During Hurricane Sandy

Today, I'm cozied up on my sofa, in my yoga pants and sweatshirt. Cup of tea on the window sill looking out on the impending Hurricane Sandy. Here in New York City, the subways are shut, yesterday the supermarkets were overflowing with people stocking up on snack food and provisions.

While the city has hunkered down, the internets are alive and kicking. We're all at home browsing around the web, maybe working from home, or checking obsessively the #Sandy Twitter stream. It's a great time to catch up on your blog's needs and maybe even try a few things.

Me watching “Revenge” on my sofa

1. Write a post about your experience during the storm

What are you doing today? Are you watching a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon (hey, Halloween is still coming!) Are you baking up a “storm” while you have some time at home? What snacks did you pick to get you through the storm? During Hurricane Irene I picked up Chex Mix and

Believe it or not, we want to know. It's somehow comforting to hear what everyone else is doing while we're all waiting things out. It can also be interesting to those who aren't in the storm's path.

2. Use this time to update your blog's design

Do you have a few hours to kill? What better time than now to update your blog's design. It can take a day or two, maybe you just have a few tweaks, but it's a great time to play around with the possibilities.


3. Catch up on your commenting

Been scrolling through your reader without stopping to say “Hi” to your favorite bloggers? Now's a good as time as any to catch up on your blog correspondence, and community outreach by telling the bloggers you love that you care.

4. Find new blogs

Finding new blogs will help inspire you like nothing else. When I do it, it often makes me wonder why I don't spend more time finding new blogs? Hearing a fresh new voice, or seeing a new approach to a topic will open your eyes to new ways of approaching your own blog. I highly suggest delving into a topic outside your blog's niche (like Freunde Von Freunden, a lifestyle blog) to see how another niche approaches their community. It will probably give you a ton of new ideas.


5. Experiment with your social networks

People love to join in on a conversation, whether it be about a storm, a debate, or whatever. Maybe you're a great live-Tweeter but you don't know because you haven't tried. Maybe this could be a great day to experiment with Facebook and finding the perfect meme that will engage your community. Maybe you've been avoiding the Pinterest bandwagon, and now's the time to sit down and find out why it's so addictive. Maybe there's another social media platform you've been curious about. Now's as good a time as any to explore. I only wish more social networks allowed animated gifs.


What are you doing during the storm?



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16 Responses

  1. Rachelle Porsenna

    I’m in Florida, now that Sandy is no longer on our path today I woke up to the sunshine and 60 degrees weather, which is a big deal for us Floridians. So I took the opportunity to wear some cute fall clothing for work and took pictures that will be my Wednesday post. Usually during the hurricane I make sure to stock up on books just in case the power goes out (In Florida the power always goes out).
    Hope everyone is safe during the hurricane.

  2. Kiki

    Well, we don’t have any exciting weather here in England…so we’re watching reports on what’s going on over there. I hope you ride it through OK.

  3. Toni Styles

    Cool, fun ideas! I’m really happy Sandy has long left the Bahamas – I hate to say she wasn’t as happy as Olivia Newton John in that 3rd pic when she was here lol. Please stay safe IFB team! xo

    http://rhythmandruffle.com <3


    Take care Jannine, and see if you can make your blog load faster, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    lOve, loe, love REVENGE!!!

  5. Anneke

    staying warm inside and keeping up with weather updates on Sandy. Hope everyone is stays safe. and great ideas

  6. audaCiTy to be

    I’m in the Washington, DC area and it’s been a constant flow of rain. But I am enjoying this time off from work to craft, create and surf the web.

  7. Zooman

    Sandy has turned lower Manhattan and parts of Long Island into a disaster area. I know people who never left parts of the South Shore of Long Island for whatever reason, and are regretting it. Didn’t lose power until 10:08 pm. In the lower Hudson Valley. The wind is crazy. Be safe everyone and stay off the roads to let emergency crews do their work safely.

  8. the little dandy

    I love Revenge! Catcing up on my blog reading list is what I’ve been spending the storm doing. Oh, and copious amounts of oreos and tea.

  9. Rachel

    All of these are good advice. While I didn’t encounter Sandy, I found my bloggers social media sites great outlets for immediate info on Sandy. I just hope everyone has stayed safe!

    Xo, Rachel
    Glitzy Blues

  10. Monica Suma

    Once my cable and internet stopped working (thank God, not the power as well), I started to freak out. So I wrote this philosophical post: http://www.monica-suma.com/2012/10/30/sandy-leaves-a-ghost-town-new-york-city/

    After which I spent about three days, “cleaning” my blog, deleting about 60 old posts (what was I thinking when I wrote this? no one cares to read this crap), and tweaked some of my old work, with more content, better SEO, etc. And yeah, tons and tons of social media and reading other bloggers. That’s where I learn most and find my inspiration to be even more ambitious.