Instagram Introduces Web Profiles, Making The Social Sharing App More Blogger Friendly


Yesterday, Instagram released their version of web profiles, spreading the experience of their vintage-inspired photos to all users of the Internet, not just mobile users. And it might just be beneficial to fashion bloggers.

Find out everything you need to know to use Instagram's web profiles to your advantage here…

What's different and what's familiar:

Facebook's acquisition of Instagram may have had something to do with the way the company decided to formulate the layout, as it's not far off from what we're used to seeing on Facebook's Timeline. A large header covers the top of the page, along with a smaller profile picture on the lefthand side next to your username and description, as well as “following” and “follower” information. Beneath your Instagram photos will be laid out in a grid-like formation based on when they were uploaded.

The difference, however, is in the ever-changing element of the header, as the mosaic of photos are in a constant state of flux, which adds a fun way to showcase your “artistic” shots.

What you need to know about Instagram's web profiles:

  • You can access your account by typing in[username] into the URL.
  • Furthermore, all components of the mobile app are present, such as commenting, following, and liking photos, but with a larger format for better desktop viewing.
  • Web profiles will only boost user engagement; despite the rising trend of mobile devices acting as mini-computers, there is still a large demographic that relies on desktops to view the web. The aim is to expand the amount of people who can engage with Instagram photos outside of strictly mobile.
  • If your Instagram account is set to public, anyone will be able to see your web profile, including those who are not Instagram users.
  • All of your Instagram photos will be added to the web profile.
  • You cannot currently upload photos from your computer, web profiles are currently only meant to showcase your mobile-made photos.

Why Instagram's web profiles are more blogger friendly:

By creating a landing webpage for Instagram photos, the social sharing app is finally bridging its gap between recreational use and monetization. Adding profiles that can be accessed through the web creates opportunities for brands and businesses (including fashion bloggers!) to develop a monetization plan through their photos. As a result, this feature could eventually open more options for social monetization, perhaps something like Facebook's “Pages” program, as an article on All Things D suggests.

“We believe this is a big step in allowing brands to have an Instagram home on the web where they can share recent shots with just about anyone,” Instagram chief Kevin Systrom said in the aforementioned piece. “We’re obviously very excited by the adoption of Instagram by the world’s major brands and we’ll continue to build products that suit both them and users alike.”

Before profiles, adding links into the descriptions of items seemed fruitless for most brands and businesses, as all the viewers were clicking through via their phones. Now even non-Instagram account holders can see and click through to the websites of products, hopefully eventually leading to sales.

Web profiles will be released for all users within the next week, so if you can't see yours yet, keep checking back.

What do you think of Instagram's web profiles? Do you believe it will be beneficial to bloggers?

[Photo via AllThingsD]

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23 Responses

  1. LCinNYC

    i think this is crap. instagram was perfect the way it was – as a mobile-only platform for sharing photos, it felt more personal and intimate that way.
    putting it on the web for everyone to see is takes away from the original and the reasons it blew up as a great platform in the first place.
    i think it’s crap, i dont want my shit on the web, i want it on instagram only. i hate private profiles, but i’m sure there will be more – seeing as how this just became super public. i say go back to the old format and leave this shit to insta.canvas and and shit like that – which is completely optional.

      • LC

        EXACTLY! I’m so glad we’re on the same page. They have alternative websites like instagram and instagrid and you can always share your pictures on Facebook and Twitter by using the SHARE button.

        This is so unnecessarily and yes, much less intimate and exclusive. Also, you can just start searching to start stalking people. There’s going to be a lot more private profiles now – WHAT A SHAME. This is not what instagram is for.

  2. WorkOfStyle

    FINALLY! I always thought that it would be so much more convenient to have a web page for your instagram account so you can link your readers to it from your blog, access your instagram pictures more easily from your desktop and reach people that might not have instagram but would be interested in seeing your pictures! I really think that’s a good step for instagram and I had been waiting for this for a while!

  3. Asia Mays

    Kinda sad I’ve to wait for mine, however I am most excited to see the direction Instagram is going!

  4. Vivian

    Apparently the web profiles are not up yet! By the way, I find it pretty useless since there are already many unofficial websites where you can browse Instagram photos! But yeah, this one looks much prettier! It kinda lets me down that you can’t really choose what pictures to show, or at least in what order… what’s the point of the custom header if you can’t customize it?
    Looking forward to what mine is going to look like haha! 😛 Thanks for the update, IFB is always ahead of the curve!

    • LC

      I agree, the fact that you can’t customize your header makes it even worse – only the most recent photos show up. It’s CRAPPPPP

  5. Elizabeth

    I think it will be beneficial to bloggers but unless they change the formatting or something on Instagram I just don’t see it the monetization aspects of it. Maybe someone could explain it to me, I’m just not sure.

  6. Shasie

    Yes! You can actually create links to your real instagram for your readers to follow you without having to go through 3rd parties like webstagram and instagrid

  7. A Girl, A Style

    As a diehard Instagram, I say HURRAY!

    P.S. Thanks for featuring me and Nicolette Mason in the thumbnail image for this feature in the newsletter. It was SO lovely to meet you in NYC last week!

    Briony xx

  8. Emily Ulrich

    I’m really looking forward to where they take the profiles. I’m glad they’re finally cutting down the competition from other “instagram” share sites (like Hopefully, it’ll officially broaden its social connectivity.