Twitter’s Most Influential Fashion Personality Revealed

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It seems like a hefty title, to be called Twitter's most influential fashion personality. Honestly, the word influencer gets thrown around a lot in social media, and many seem like they are on a race to get x many followers and retweets each day. But which user is Twitter's leading star, the one user who is actually influencing his/her followers, starting trends and movements? In 140 characters or less?

We did our research, analyzed statistics and realized that in this great world of Twitter, there is really only a handful of accounts who are setting the standard in how one can use Twitter. They aren't just sending out witty one-liners or self-promoting. They work everyday to make sure that their account seamlessly reflects their offline persona. Which, in the end, is basically what you want.


Who won the Twitter Showdown? Let's discuss!


To find out who was Twitter's most influential fashion personality, we decided to set some parameters up around who could be included. We immediately nixed out celebrities, news publications and branded accounts. Which meant that accounts like Lady Gaga, Berdorfs and Vogue magazine were out. Instead, we focused on finding one personality, one person (or a small team) who is plugging away on their computer or phone all day, sending out tweets like it's going out of style. That one person may represent a brand, but at the end of the day, the Twitter account has one, singular voice.


We specifically looked at:

  • Total Amount of Twitter Followers
  • Total Amount of Retweets
  • Level of Engagement with other peers and influencers
  • Total Amount of Mentions
  • Overall Activity on a Daily Basis


After looking a various accounts, we came to the conclusion that @DKNY, @JuneAmbrose, @ManRepeller, @OscarPRGirl and @NinaGarcia were at the top of the list. (Let's hear it for the ladies, woot!) All had strong numbers in followers, mentions, retweets, engagement and daily activity. See for yourself!



At the end of the day, the real showdown was between DKNY and June Ambrose. To get to the bottom of this, we used, an easy infographic tool that allows us to compare two Twitter accounts at the same time. We put @DKNY and @JuneAmbrose to the test and this is what we found:



So, it looks like @JuneAmbrose comes out at Twitter's Biggest Influential User. From followers to mentions to influencer status, her account is one that everyone follows, IFB included.  @DKNY comes in at a close second and @NinaGarcia comes in third.


What do you think? Should someone else be crowned? 

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6 Responses

  1. HauteFrugalista

    Me!!! haha JK! what an awesome article! so much fun! IFB should def be a contender! your articles are always fresh, current, on point and interesting. The only thing: no young moms talking about their blogging concerns/issues/goals/finds! I def need to submit an article because theres tons of things to say from that perspective 🙂
    I must say (I dont have 400k followers) but the ones I have retweet, reply, comment and engage all the time and I think that makes a winner! Anyone whos account its always active, even if only with 200 followers, should feel excited and encouraged to keep on going!
    Dee T.

  2. Alessia

    I don’t follow any of them actually haha
    And I agree with Dee, followers mean close to nothing from a SM marketing pov. Engagement is key.

  3. Kira

    Loved this article! I am reading it on my phone so you really kept me on the edge of my seat with all of the scrolling I had to do to see the answer!

    I have to say, I am quite surprised that Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere nor Bee from Atlantic-Pacific were at least in the running!