IFB Poll: Why Do We DIY?

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An interesting discussion came up in our office this morning: Why DIY? Each of us admitted to our moments of craftiness – from fascinators made from shoulder pads to friendship bracelets made on the beach, both of which have been whipped into a step-by-step blog post by someone. We started talking about the rise in popularity of DIY fashion blogs like P.S… I Made This, A Pair & A Spare, A Beautiful Mess and I Spy DIY, and why readers flock to these creativity hubs.

With AdAge asking if “DIY Evangelist” Erica Domesek is the millennial Martha Stewart and DIY bloggers with book deals abound, there's no denying that the blogging community is the only one embracing the “Do It Yourself” lifestyle. We know many of you are DIY bloggers or include DIY content on your sites (here's how to make the ultimate DIY post, by the way) – and we want to get your opinion what the appeal of a creative fashion project is. Are you on a budget, looking to get a designer-inspired look? Are you just inherently crafty? Or do you want to customize and create pieces that are totally original? Vote in our poll below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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14 Responses

  1. Ashley Marie

    I think that DIYing is a way of expressing who you are making something so unique. When you DIY something there is that satisfaction that you did it all by yourself and it is a direct reflection of who you are. This is also the basis of my blog, finding who you are through your style.


    DIY HUNTRESS – http://www.diyhuntress.com

  2. Donatella

    I can’t vote on this poll because I would have to say “all of the above”!
    I love the process of figuring out the “how-to”, the rewarding feeling to wear something that I made myself. And the look for less is also a factor, although my blog is almost all about the “look for less” I make plenty of my own designs and just love it.
    DIY is … “a state of mind”!
    thanks for this article! I’m curious to see the outcome of the poll!

  3. Maja

    There are many good DIY post , blogs , but I have feeling that people sometimes do this post when they don’t have idea what to blog about.Like riped paper box become jewelry box . It don’t works . I have done similar blogpost DIY when I couldn’t find that things or they were to expensive. People need to respect readers , it is better to not to have post for some days instead to do ridiculous posts .

    • truebluemeandyou

      Could not agree more! Readers are smart enough to know when a blogger doesn’t have their heart in a project. And then there are DIYs from HUGE bloggers that aren’t really DIYs at all. I DIY because it’s in my blood to be creative and change things up.

  4. Hey Mishka

    Oh there are sooo many draws to the DIY lifestyle. Creative projects, inhabiting your own personal DIY studio — whether your bedroom or the real deal — saving money, having whatever cool accessories you want, limited only by your imagination & resourcefulness… Then there’s the snowballing confidence/quality of life that arrives when you’re making things for yourself. It’s just awesome! I recommend doing little projects every week, even if you don’t blog about them. It’s a good addiction to have.

  5. TerranceJ

    I can agree with all of you all on some points. For me personally, since I’m jobless and have been thrown on my wits lately, my DIY projects are a reflection of those awesomely tailored looks as seen in GQ (for the past year). Of course, my creativity still outranks the overall look of what I do though – when I attempted to slim down a pair trousers in the ankle, I forgot that they were pleated. So I ended up doing more work on them and finally came out with a pair of “harem” inspired suit trousers.

    Like Ashley points out, the ability to craft something by yourself gives you a sense of ownership and validation – a point that I would argue surpasses any purchased good or garment 😀

  6. Lola Zabeth

    While I’m not a DIY style blogger, the premise of my blog is DIY beauty (skin and hair care). I love DIY beauty because it gives me total control of the end-product and saves money in most cases. I believe my readers are attracted to my blog for the same reasons, plus it provides a means of creative expression and pride in having made something that rivals an off-the-shelf product.

    I wish I had the skill to DIY fashion, but those blogs are incredibly inspiring.
    Great post!

  7. Rachel

    I kind of feel like its a combination between all of them! When I get an idea and know its DIYable, I just have to do it!

    Xo, Rachel
    Glitzy Blues

  8. Novella

    I DIY because I like customising my things, my stuff!
    I’ve always done this! It’s about creating something unique!
    For this reason, I’ve decided to add this category to my blog! It’s sooo important and useful for me and my readers!


  9. Vivian

    I’m not going to vote, simply because it’s for all the three reasons! Do it yourself is a nice ways to spend some quality time, save money, and be original!

  10. Tamara

    DIYing is a great way to have something more meaningful. For instance, I like the Denim & Gold trend and I needed a new wallet. I merged these and instead of searching for a denim & gold wallet to purchase I DIYed one! Plus getting crafty was a perfect excuse for a blog post and my blog motivated me to complete this project. Its much more meaningful that I can share my work with others!

    Check out my DIY Denim & Gold Duck Tape Wallet Tutorial here: http://tamzlavender.blogspot.com/2012/12/mydiy-denim-gold-duck-tape-wallet.html