Fashion Blogger News Round Up: Millennials Are Looking For Higher Quality Clothing

Get your daily dose of what’s going on in fashion news today here in the fashion blogger news round up.

  • “Millennials, after years of settling for apparel retailers’ downgraded fabrics and workmanship, are pushing for higher- quality clothing again, and chains are getting the message.” [Bloomberg]
  • The Fuck Yeah Menswear tumblr translates its Internet wit to print. [Fashionista]
  • The fashion world got to hang out with a bunch of angels yesterday — the Victoria's Secret runway show was as big as ever with performances by Justin Bieber and Rihanna. Check out what happened backstage. [The Cut]
  • “Back in 2005, was a new Web site modeled after eBay in the United States, catering to the nascent online retailing market in the Middle East. In the last week of October 2012, the fast-growing site received $45 million in funding from international investors, creating a new benchmark for the region’s evolving e-commerce scene.” [New York Times]
  • Another take on the “Year of the Woman” hullabaloo. [The Cut]
  • Burberry looks to the long-term: “Burberry has lifted the veil on plans for its new beauty division, and said overall capital expenditure for the year would remain unchanged despite an uncertain climate and unpredictable footfall worldwide.” [WWD]

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