5 Things You Can Learn From Brands Who Do Social Media Right

While you would think social media would be a blogger's forte, many brands are tapping into social media as a means of marketing — and in some cases, they're doing it better.

Take DKNY PR Girl's Twitter account for instance, Aliza Licht has projected an image of her brand through a personality that's engaging and topical, yet sticks to the intentions of the Donna Karan image. Being a blogger is like being a personal brand in a lot of ways, so how can bloggers use social media to their advantage the same way brands have? See our 5 social media tips that bloggers can benefit from by watching how brands do it right:

  • 1.  Remember the customer service aspect of social media

Many brands have been tapping into their social media as a form of customer service; a customer can send a tweet inquiring about their product, and the brand can respond. Often times brands have their followers weigh in with their thoughts about any changes or updates the brand may have, and the brands listen and respond to both praise and criticism.

Bloggers, on the other hand, are trying to get readers to click through their social media to send traffic to their website. Since bloggers aren't necessarily selling something tangible (mostly they're selling their personality), customer service isn't something constantly on your mind (like with a brand). The reality is, however, that you too can use social media to gauge how your community feels about your content. Analyze the criticism and praise you receive, track links and decipher what is causing readers to click through, then respond accordingly.

  • 2. Social media is a conversation, not a podium

Digital publications and bloggers are the ones creating content everyday to read on the internet, but when it comes to social media, (mainly Twitter and Facebook), it's not always about what you have to say, but what your community has to say. Open the floor for discussion by asking questions or posting thought-provoking information within your niche. React to how your followers weigh in, and keep the natural flow of conversation by writing back in a timely, relevant way. In a nutshell, sharing what's on your mind is great, but ask what's on your audience's mind, too. How are you today, readers?

  • 3. Pinpoint who you want attention from

Brands are constantly thinking about the “who, what, where” they want to be associated with — and as a blogger, so should you. Brands tend to strategize who they target with their social media, in hopes that those who they send fun, quirky tweets to will respond or re-post or re-tweet the brand. You can do the same: Make a list of people you want to be associated with and attempt to make them your “social media friends.” Respond to something they write, or send them an article they might find interesting based on their personality or career. Furthermore, be careful not to be too aggressive in your attempts — if they aren't sending the love back, pinpoint another person. Don't be creepy!

  • 4. Give them something to talk about

Sometimes it's ok to be a little sensational on Twitter. Think about it like this: When a brand is selling a product, they use words to make the item sound amazing. “Easy!” “Beautiful!” “Fast!” “Free!” You too can use rousing words when “selling” your posts to your social media community. Just remember not to sound too cheesy or off-brand — keep it real, just a little more jazzy.

  • 5. Give your blog core values and character, like a brand

What do you value the most within your niche? Find key things that your topics of “expertise” and weigh in anytime those topics are brought up in the media. For example, if denim is your niche and you notice an article on the New York Times about a denim trend, add your thoughts about it and post it to your social media. You want to come off as multi-dimensional and pragmatic, not as a robot who only updates social media to promote a blog post.

What are some other things you've noticed brands do to stay engaged with consumers? Can it be applied to bloggers?

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9 Responses

  1. Michaela

    These are some really great points. I think sometimes bloggers get stuck in their own little social media bubbles and don’t remember to reply to their readers or engage in convo. Your blog really is your personal brand!

    Thanks for this post, informing as usual!

  2. Mark Weyland

    Great post! Social media is all about interaction and therefore it is really important to give the readers an ear about what they have to say about your blog. You may never know when that discussion might give you an idea for creating a post on it.

  3. Mallory

    Those who do well on social media are typically ones who bare in mind a few simple things we are taught at a very young age:
    – play nice
    – share
    – mind your manners
    – please & thank-you’s
    – give credit where and when credit is due

    Same rules apply here as they do in the real world, we’ve just kind of forgotten about them.

  4. Necole

    This was so informative! I’ve just recently brought life back to my blog and am ready to create a social media strategy. I’ve had a twitter account for quite some time but haven’t used it much. Now I know where to start!


  5. Nicole Jensen

    Thank you for this information! It was very informative. Today social media has become a huge form of marketing and Its so important to build a good, genuine audience on those sites in order to make your blog successful!

  6. Neha Mehta

    Social media is booming right now,henceforth it is very necessary for a brand to be updated about the advantages and disadvantages of social media.