The 5 Everyday Habits of Productive Bloggers

fashion, shutterstockEveryone wants to know the routine and habits of the very successful, uber productive bloggers. What's the formula, the secret sauce? It's as if these productive bloggers have some special nugget of wisdom that the rest of us just aren't privy to and we all want to know about it. Now.

But, what if I was to tell you that these productive bloggers aren't doing anything out of the ordinary? That there isn't a special potion that they are taking behind closed doors.

In fact, their habits look, more or less, like mine and yours. It's just that these bloggers are supremely efficient with their time, sticklers for routine, always on-top of their blogging to-dos so as not to let anything fall through the cracks. Everyday, they do what they can to make sure their blog is running smoothly, content is being shared, and readers are engaging.

What exactly are they doing? Lucky for you, we're sharing the top 5 everyday habits of these productive bloggers:

  1. They check and answer their emails. This is a hard habit to get into, for most of us. There just isn't enough time in the day, right? Wrong. Find a time that works with your life to check your blogging inbox and keep it organized. use labels, delete spam, flag the important emails, and most importantly, respond to business partners or peers in a reasonable amount of time.  You don't need to check your email every hour, on the hour because that would be the opposite of productive. However, you should never let your inbox get too out of control. Why? When you leave emails unread and unanswered, you could be missing out on an exciting opportunity or a potential issue that needs to get fixed ASAP.
  2. They check their statistics. Keeping on top of traffic trends and reader behavior is the ultimate way to understanding what is working on your site and what isn't. If you never check your stats, how will you know if your recent gift guide struck a chord with your readers? If you miss this kind of information, you could due losing out on a huge traffic opportunity. Also, by monitoring your site's stats, you'll get a better indicator of how to plan your editorial calendar. Perhaps it's better to push stronger pieces earlier in the week, and more playful posts towards the end? Regardless, the only way you will ever know is if you do your homework and study your stats.
  3. They moderate and respond to reader's comments. This used to be a major blogging to-do, answering comments. And recently, we've noticed that there is little to no reader engagement in commenting sections. If you aren't physically there, with your readers, why would your readers want to come out from the lurking shadows and share their thoughts? Think about it. Only when you come out and talk with your readers will they want to do the same. Sharing information, discussing posts, talking trends. It doesn't have to be riveting but engaging with your readers on a daily basis will help.
  4. They proofread every post. Putting up a post that is filled with grammatical errors or typos is just lazy. Plain and simple. Don't waste your reader's time by publishing a post that is less than complete. Make sure your posts make sense, are grammatically correct, and are reader-friendly before hitting publish.
  5. They stay up-to-date with big news stories. Here at IFB, we monitor the news 24/7. We see every story that comes out and think, “do our readers need to know about this?” And you should do the same. It doesn't mean that a big tech issue is necessarily something you should be blogging about. But, if a news story affects your readers and/or you, perhaps there is editorial content there just waiting to be shared on your blog. Not to mention, staying on top of the news allows you to brainstorm future posts and ideas. Gift guides, celebrity trends, makeup tutorials: these can all be inspired by your everyday news stories.


You never know, your blog may skyrocket after implementing these habits into your routine. And if you need more tips on how to keep your blog up-to-date while juggling all of your other errands, be sure to read our guide to Keeping a healthy work-Blog Life balance.


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18 Responses

  1. Ruta R

    These are some really good posts! I try to answer all my emails in the evening when I’m winding down from the day with a cup of tea and some music.

  2. the wild swans

    Yes! I do all that 😀 thankfully 😀

    the most boring one for me is the comment parts, but I’m absolutely obsessed with the statistics! OMG It’s like stronger than me. I check it about 2-3 times a day but I keep updated and I know if it’s going up or down and stuff lol

    I study it

  3. Jessica

    I try to use all those tips throughout my crazy days of blogging! But I am really struggling with following and analyzing my stats. Do you know of any good website to help educate me better on my followings?

  4. Lauren - Slowburn Fastburn

    I always love waking up to emails! And I love following up on readers comments, I think it is so important to stay in touch with them and you never know when one will lead you to a really great blog!

    x lauren

  5. Sarah

    I definitely agree that time keeping plays a huge part in being a successful blogger. I know my blog has grown these last few months because I’ve set aside time to actually sit down and do a blog post.

    Sarah x

  6. Nathalie F.

    I agree with all of these (meaning that I can see top bloggers doing all this and more), but Idk about the proofreading! I take a rather prescriptivist approach to written English so I’m naturally very picky about it. I’ve spotted some pretty obvious errors in many top bloggers’ posts. But, hey, we’re all human right?

    Check out my blog at:

  7. Elodie

    I went through the same thing, so this article is a blessing! I had no idea how to get back on track. Now, I do.

  8. Meg & Jen

    Thank you for this insightful post! We certainly agree that habits encouraging consistent and efficient work are what separates the best bloggers from the rest. We have found it helpful to create a daily checklist of tasks you would like to accomplish ; i.e. x amount of tweets, instagrams, posts, pins, comments etc. Setting specific goals is the best way to ensure you are accomplishing them, especially on a daily basis.

    Hope this helps!
    xx Meg & Jen