15 Twitter Tips from the Best Fictional Characters

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From Coach Taylor to Dawson Leery and Cher Horowitz, fictional characters don't have to be real in order to offer some nuggets of wisdom for those of us not in TV and Hollywood-land. Don't tell us you didn't watch Friday Night Lights and walk away feeling like you learned something after each episode… You know you did. It's because of this connection between viewers and characters that we end up forming an emotional attachment to them.

We can't be the only ones who do this, right?  You just get to know these fictional personalities so well that they actually start to feel like real people in your life. (Embarrassing but true, anyone?) Flaws and all, these characters could definitely whip out a few tips on how to tweet like a real champ – if they had social media accounts. We decided to channel our favorite fictional characters and imagine what kind of advice they might give when it comes to making the most of Twitter.

From Donald Draper to Carrie Bradshaw, the gang's all here with Twitter tips:


  • 1. Cher Horowitz says Create Your Own Dialogue. Demonstrate your savviness and expertise by creating your own dialogue. Not only does this work for many social media professionals, but it works for niche brands and personalities. Your audience wants to read content that makes them laugh, smile or groan. Cater to that desire with fun, witty banter. (But maybe forgo the “as if.”)


  • 2. Coach Taylor says Go Big or Go Home. Our favorite football coach would tell you that anything worth doing is worth doing big. Don't tweet halfhearted replies that will only bore your audience. Do you homework, know your facts, learn more about your followers and tweet at 100%. “Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose.”


  • 3. James Bond says Keep Things Action-Packed. 007 prefers all things, tweets included, shaken, not stirred. Basically, be provocative, ask questions, take risks. Don't let your tweets go stale.


  • 4. Dawson Leery says Don't Take Things So Personally. The king of all emotions would tell you that the world is cruel, the Internets are rough. Don't let your worst critics tear you down. Because he did (sob) and it rocked him hard. Be a Pacey, not a Dawson and develop thicker skin.


  • 5. Carrie Bradshaw says Know Your Worth. When it comes to sponsored work or promotion, know what you can bring to the table and demonstrate your strengths to the brands who want to work with you. Never publish or share content that doesn't resonate with your voice & brand. And, most importantly, don't be shy about asking for compensation. Just be sure to back your work up with case studies and examples.


  • 6. Donald Draper says Know Your Brand and Sell Yourself Accordingly. What's the point of talking about topics that don't reflect your voice and don't connect with your readers? You're just wasting your time (and your readers). Find a voice or angle that is unique, start reaching out to brands and partners, enticing them with your expertise.  Demonstrate your power to them with numbers and stats and prove that you are such a boss. Make the Draper proud.


  • 7. Gossip Girl says Never Reveal Your True Identity. A true Twitter personality maintains the balance between keeping certain things private and disclosing other parts of her life. Remember, this is a public forum and everyone, including your mother/enemies/coworkers/crush will see what you do. Don't ever reveal too much, and tweet with caution.


  • 8. Yoda would say Tweet Carefully You Must. While you should having interesting and open conversations, avoid hateful Twitter rants or anything deeply offensive. It is no good. It all comes back around so whatever you send out into the Twitterverse will come back around to you.


  • 9. Harry Potter would say Only You Are Responsible For Your Words. If you join on a questionable hashtag or movement, be prepared to face the flack. No one forces you to do anything in the land of Twitter – you do it willingly. Be accountable for all of your content you post.


  • 10. Batman would say Be More Than Your Tweets. No matter what Batman you liked (Christian Bale is our favorite), he was all about taking a stand and using his power to better the world. Even in the toughest solutions (RIP all the girlfriends he ever had) he always stood his ground. So, in Batman-form, use your Twitter account is a powerful tool. Think of Twitter as a microphone – what you say can be amplified. Recognize and understand that possibility.


  • 11. Buddy the Elf would say Open Your Heart to the Internet. Yes, the internet is a scary place but you know what? It can also be a fantastic source of compassion, especially within the blogging community. Put away your preconceived notions and have fun. The personalities and people out in Twitter aren't as scary as you perceive them to be. In fact, I guarantee you will make more friends on Twitter than you could imagine.


  • 12. Holly Golightly would say Never Miss the Party. If you see a good hashtag going on or a Twitter party happening, join in. Ms. Golightly would never miss out on a chance to shine. Just make sure that it's the right party for you. You don't want to get caught up in a random flood of Tweets. Holly always knows where she should and shouldn't be.


  • 13. Katniss Everdeen would say Always Stay on Your Feet. Keep your eyes open and always monitor the scene. What's happening in the news? What are your readers talking about? You never know what kind of opportunity awaits behind certain doors unless you are carefully surveying the situation.


  • 14. Ferris Bueller would say Life Moves Pretty Fast, If You Don't Stop and Look Around Once and a While, You Could Miss It. You can't be online 24/7. I mean, you can but why would you want to? There is so much going on outside of your office; don't miss out because you feel chained to your Twitter account. In fact, the more fun you have offline, the better your Twitter feed will be anyways.


  • 15. Regina George says…. Wait, never mind don't listen to Regina George. In fact, don't listen to any of the haters. Just do your thing and don't let anyone bring you down. It's your account, your voice. Rock it.
What other fictional characters would you want to hear from? Did we miss anyone?


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