Fashion Blogger News Round Up: Glamour Magazine Celebrates “Women of the Year”


It's Tuesday, you're dreaming about the weekend while at your desk. We feel your pain. Why not amuse yourself with all the new happenings in fashion & digital? The day will go by faster. We promise.

  • Last night, Glamour magazine hosted their annual “Women of the Year” awards party. From Jenna Lyons to Lena Dunham to Annie Leibovitz, it must have been one big inspiration fest. Read up on these fantastic women & why we adore them too. [Glamour]
  • Talk about a big shakeup at Microsoft. CEO-in-waiting Steven Sinofsky is out and says, “My passion for building products is as strong as ever and I look forward focusing my energy and creativity along similar lines.”  [Business Insider]
  • Yikes, text messaging in the United States is down for the first time ever. It's a sign of the new Internet-messaging times. [NY Times]
  • Azealia Banks gets trippy and rides dolphins in a fantastical dream world in her new video. Seriously. [Racked]
  • Promising to fulfill all our musical dreams, the cast of Les Misérables is featured in a rather lavish Vogue spread. Let the movie countdown begin. [Vogue]
  • Victoria's Secret is facing outrage over their racist Native-American outfit that came down the runway. First No Doubt, now Victoria's Secret? Is a boycott imminent? [Jezebel]
  • TED & Mashable are celebrating their one-billion video views (woot!) by offering  curated TEDTalk playlists on iTunes. You know what we're listening to today. [Mashable]

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3 Responses

  1. Nasreen

    Love so many of these latest news! TedTalks are always amazing and inspiring. The native-american outfit was very controversial. Lena Dunham is amazing and I love ‘girls’ the new program. Definitely gonna read up and hopefully the week will pass sooner 🙂

  2. rita

    whenever i try to open a mashable link in a new tab, a file download security warning pops up – does this happen to anyone else?