Gadget of the Week: Samsung Galaxy Camera

Happy Tuesday! We’re testing out a new feature on IFB, where we introduce you all to some cool-meets-fashionable gadgets. Everything we feature will be geared towards the stylish blogger who’s tech-savvy, too!

The Gadget: EK-GC100 Samsung Galaxy Camera

The cost: $499.99

What it does: This Android-powered camera is just kind of an incredible gadget. It's 3G/4G equipped (but you don't have to buy a data plan to use it), which means you can upload photos directly to social sharing sites like Facebook and Google+, and is also Android Market-ready, so you can upload and post photos to Instagram as well. The navigation all happens via a 16 megapixel touchscreen on the back side, and the lens? An incredible 21x zoom, 23mm wide angle, and a Smart Pro system to get shots like a DSLR professional. (The perks of this camera go on and on, so read more here.) All of the data capabilities of an Android phone or tablet are available as well, including managing email and browsing the web.

Why we picked it: The camera goes on sale Friday, but we think this is an early favorite for “The Perfect Gift” for the tech-obsessed gadget-lover on your holiday shopping list. This camera is sort of like the social media-obsessed blogger's dream, right? You can shoot street style, outfit-of-the-day photos and Instagrams in high quality DSLR, edit them and then upload directly to the web.

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3 Responses

  1. Asia

    Well I kind of wish I would have heard about this before I bought my DSLR lol. But I’m having fun learning how to use it anyway. I’m semi-tech-obsessed so this may end up mine anyway in the long run. Eva Chen featured it in an Instagram post and I’ve been intrigued since then. I’ve been stalking it until I finally purchase it.