IFB Poll: How “Tech Savvy” Are You?

Every time I tell someone that I am a blogger, they will often respond with, “So how is it, working with computers?” While, it's true, you need a computer to blog, computers aren't any more integral to blogging as they would be for banking. Being a blogger implies a certain level of technical competence, but these days, you no longer have to be a whiz with computers to set up a blog, in fact, if you can create a word document, you can publish a blog. Websites like Tumblr and Blogger make it so easy that you never have to touch HTML, or even need to know what CSS is.

So are bloggers “Tech Savvy”? Some certainly, are, ones who can blog from their mobile, create their own blog design, or even create a custom plugin. While others can barely set up their own Twitter Account. The fashion industry is notoriously loaded with technophobes, so where to fashion bloggers fit in?

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11 Responses

  1. WorkOfStyle

    I can build a website from scratch. But with time, css and html tend to annoy me (I genuinely had fun coding before), so I try to avoid this as much as I can and I probably lose my skills a little bit more everyday. I could technically design and code my whole website but it’s so little fun that I go to pro designers / templates etc.

  2. Andria Rivers

    I can build a website from scratch. I used to own a graphics design website and I can do the works: HTML, PHP, XHTML, MySQL, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro…you name it and I’ve probably dabbled In it.

    Indie Punk Goddess

  3. Katy

    I can do most of the things listed here, except for coding my own website. Well, technically I could, but it would look pretty rubbish xD

  4. Janice Lunes

    I’m a IT geek so I can do it all !!



  5. Stephanie

    I can do all of the above. I have a special place in my heart for style blogging but I’m currently a senior in college studying Computer Science (and Applied Mathematics). I do graphic design, not so much web design (but if I had to, I could) and I taught myself everything that I know (outside of computer programming). So I think that’s pretty tech savvy! 🙂