Bookmark This: Your Guide to Cyber Monday Blogging

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It's almost time. The turkeys are being bought, the holiday music is blaring AND the Starbucks red cup is out in full force. You know what that means? The season of holiday shopping is upon us and that means time to start strategizing your Cyber Monday plans.

Cyber Monday, in case you didn't know, is the Monday after Thanksgiving (November 26) and is known as one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. It's when all the retailers offer online exclusives to their users aka you can get all your holiday shopping done in one day at the comfort of your home.

How can you make the most of Cyber Monday for your blog? If everyone will be online, shouldn't you take advantage of this potential traffic opportunity?

We've got your basic Cyber Monday Blogging breakdown, right here for you:

  • Gather all the relevant promo codes and share them with your readers.
    • Instead of having to search a messy inbox and track down promos on the web, give your readers all the promo codes they will need in one blog post. So easy, so resourceful, so traffic-worthy.


  • Research the retail trends that your readers are going to care about.
    • Do your homework and pinpoint the Cyber Monday retailers who are putting items on sale.  Jewelry, shoes, outerwear, makeup – target the specific retailers within each niche that are partaking in the Cyber Monday sale and publish that information for your readers. Hopefully, they will use your post as a resource for their online shopping and keep referring back to this list while scouring the Internet. Also, the opportunity for post shares is huge with this kind of content. More shares = more clicks.


  • Create a master list of all this season's biggest brand's Twitter accounts.
    • Guaranteed, some of these retailers will be offering exclusives and sales for Cyber Monday only on Twitter and can you imagine what would happen if you were THE blogger to break the news? Hello traffic.


  • Put your social networks to work.
    • This is where your Pose, Pinterest, Instagram all come into play. Show sale products on Instagram, create boards for each retailer (with affiliate links of course) and create outfits that your readers can mimic and purchase. Also, another great resource for Cyber Monday blogging is Google Shortlist, a soon-to-be launched shopping platform that you can use to share your wishlist items with your readers and followers. All of these tools take your original Cyber Monday blog post and apply those ideas to various social media platforms. It's like catering your blog post to each social media follower you have. Which, in the end, should generate more click-throughs on your blog.



Blogging about Cyber Monday could boost your traffic stats in a major way so don't miss out. Create a blog post that acts as a digital destination for the savvy online shopper. This is a sure way to not only get more clicks but build a reputation as a fashion leader in the community.


Are you ready for Cyber Monday? What are you most excited for? Is there a retailer you wish would offer exclusive sales for Cyber Monday that we should know about?

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10 Responses

  1. Chaucee from Streets and Stripes

    Since my blog’s focus is lifetsyle and fashion in Philadelphia I’m creating a post to go live Wed, the 21st featuring all the local shopping discounts. It’s a way for me to support locally owned businesses and economy during this time!

  2. Nasreen

    wow NEVER knew this!! this is going to help a lot, gonna get started on the planning right away!

  3. Malika

    I think this is great and I’ve already done this, and highly recommend referring people with Ebates, it’s a cash back site that combines promo codes, and cash back incentives for shopping online up to as much as 40%!

    I wrote a blog about my time with Ebates and it’s great, when I signed up and got a free $10 Target gift card after my first $25 purchase and receive a referral bonus for each new member.

    Currently, they are doing a new holiday promotion where you get $25 for your first new referral, so I recommend signing up yourself and referring your readers as well! It’s great and everyones not only saves everyone a ton of money but we all make a little as well.

    Make sure to use my referral for your sign up:


  4. Brytani Sierra

    Yaaaaay for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday!
    As a blogger and business I’m super excited for all 3 of these days!
    Oh, and feel free to feature Hate’er Jewelry in your posts haha 😉

    XX Brytani Sierra

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    The Hated Jewel