How To Monetize Your Blog’s Mobile Site

I have to tell you guys, I am approaching a very important anniversary in my life: My one-year anniversary of owning a smart phone. I know, this is big right? Not only have I had this phone longer than any boyfriend, but I've come to understand just how powerful it can be. Now that I'm tweeting, Instagramming and mobile-ly uploading photos to my Facebook page, my blog‘s exposure has vastly increased, and I feel much more connected to my readers and followers.

I'm guessing all that stuff is old hat for you many of you by now – being the tech-savvy bloggers that you are. But how about this one: monetize your mobile site. Boom! Did I just blow your mind?

Do you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about?

Right. That's what I thought. You know why? Because I didn't even know that monetizing your blog's mobile site was a thing, until very recently. As you might have noticed though, lately I've become very interested in monetized posts (and finally had some success with them) – and I want to explore the different avenues we bloggers have available to us, however obscure they might seem at first.

Hence, mobile monetization! Think about how much time you spend browsing the Internet on your phone, and what potential there could be to earn revenue from that channel. Don't believe me? Here are 4 ways you can start:

1. Get your site mobile-ready with plug-ins and custom templates.

As soon as you set up your blog, it's smart to make it mobile-friendly as well. The number of readers who access blogs through smart phones is increasing these days, so capitalizing on that traffic is key. With Blogger, under your “Design” tab, you can choose from a few of custom mobile templates and select one easily. With WordPress – plug-ins are your friend! Try the WordPress Mobile Pack or Duda Mobile.

2. AdSense for mobile (AFM) or Adsense for Content (AFC).

If you're already using AdSense on your blog – you're pretty much done. The code that Google uses is smart, and when someone views your blog on their phone – whether it's an iPhone, Android or an older feature phone – you're good to go. For more info, read Google's helpful support page, and their blog post all about it, too.

*I've notice that for my personal blog (run on Blogger), 3rd party ads do not show up on my site when viewed on mobile, but my affiliate links work just fine.

3. Use a tool like OnSwipe or Mobify to completely customize your site's “touch” web experience.

The more mobile-friendly your blog is, the better. With these tools, you can customize exactly how your site appears on tablets, e-readers and smartphones. Select and perfect a template that works for you and will appeal to your readers – making click-throughs on ads and affiliate links a breeze.

4. Consider a mobile-specific ad network.

If you're really looking to make the most of your mobile audience, you might want to try out mobile-specific advertising, through a network like Leadbolt or Adfonic. Just study the networks carefully to see which might be right for your audience and are good for publishers, rather than app developers.

Now, that's not so scary, is it? Make sure your site is mobile-friendly, get your AdSense up and running, and if you're feeling really dedicated – customize your blog for the best mobile-viewing possible.

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  1. Lawrence Abiodun

    Thank you for this wonderful info!
    But my worry still that do I need to any special plugin for this ads to showing on my mobile site.