What is Your Dream Job?

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Growing up I wanted to be a lot of things, but mostly it boiled down to either being an artist or a writer. Since I failed two English classes in high school, my writing aspirations disappeared. Then in college, my art teacher ripped my work apart on more than a few occasions, so there went that career. I wanted to get into the Internet industry and somehow fell into graphic design instead… It wasn't until much later that I found pieces of my all my dream jobs and to much of my surprise it came in blogging.

Dream often take round-about paths to reality. The lucky ones know what they want right away and work towards it, others take their time to explore their interests and talents. Some even find comfort in not pursuing dreams. Today on Mashable  a survey revealed only 9% of people have achieved their childhood dream job. Of course then again, how many kids want to be a “Creative Director” when they grow up?

Whatever the case may be… what is your dream job? Is your blog helping you get it?

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  1. Valentina C

    I’ve always wanted to be in Fashion PR, which is what I initially studied for in college. Blogging has actually been more of an outlet for what I wanted to be when I was 12 years old, which was a writer, but it’s also helping me from a PR standpoint due to writing about brands, products and whatnot.

  2. Diana

    My dream job is to become a professional fashion/beauty blogger or to be in Fashion PR/Marketing. My blog actually inspired me to apply for Marketing in university (i’m still 17 yrs old) so I hope it will help me in the future!


  3. Dayner

    My dream job is to own my own boutique, a real one on the street! I’d sell jewellery, fashion and accessories and maybe some homeware. It’d be full of pretty things!

    I have an online shop so I suppose my blog does help a little bit 🙂 ahhhh…. a girl can dream! One day!

    Dayner x http://www.mozzypop.com

  4. Margo

    I love writing and studied journalism in college. I want to be a communications/media mogul. I want to work for myself and give aspiring writers a platform to showcase their dreams!

  5. Dulcie

    I want to work in magazines… somewhere… I think! Blogging is helping me to decide which area I want to work in, teaching me how to get there and giving me lots of practice in social media, writing and researching along the way!


  6. Lindsey Young

    My dream job would have something to do with the Broadway community and fashion community! A mix of both in maybe some type of PR fashion. Both industries are booming and there isn’t a mix of them and I feel it could be a great mix!

  7. Paige

    I’ve always knew that I wanted to do something in the fashion industry, but I could never decide on one specific career. I wanted to be a fashion designer for YEARS but that never really happened. I also wanted to be a fashion journalist, stylist, photographer or work in some branch of Lucky magazine! I’m still in the process of deciding, though… (:

  8. Paige

    I use blogging to try to break into the industry and expose myself even more! It’s also just to share what I love with the world.

  9. Neil Balmbra

    I thought I wanted to be a full time fashion stylist… but juggling school, work and that, it became too hard. So my goal after I graduate is to continue my education in public relations, and work in retail. In all honesty, I’m not absolutely sure what my dream job title will be but all I know for certain is that it will be in fashion, and I’m going to take it far. I can only wait and see what the future has in store 🙂

  10. Ruta R

    I want to work in fashion. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. I’m apply to some fashion studies grad school programs so I’ll see how that works out. But really I KNOW I have to work in fashion.

  11. Adrienne Nguyen

    My dream job is to become a gastroenterologist or surgeon… I know it’s way off from my fellow bloggers on IFB however, it’s something I hope to achieve! I’m currently finishing up my last year as an undergraduate! I’m applying to a master’s program which starts September and I’m applying to medical school in June! Fingers crossed!

    Blogging is my outlet and it gives me the opportunity to share my personal style with readers worldwide! I know I’ll continue blogging for a long time (:


  12. Amber

    my dream job would be working part time for a media company that works to connect bloggers and brands while still writing full time for various outlets.
    It’s a work in progress but now that I’ve gotten a handle on what it is I really dream of I can implement my master plan!

    From Carpools to Cocktails

  13. daria

    I wanted to be a writer as a kid, and then a fashion designer. I guess blogging could help me achieve both – I’m just not there yet!

  14. Vivian

    Oh well, I’m working on becoming a costume designer, I bet you can tell it from the picks on my blog! XD
    But no, it is not really helping me in that way!

  15. Kashara

    I REALLY want to become a graphic designer for a major fashion magazine in NYC. I’m majoring in Graphic Design right now and I’m thinking about minoring in journalism or public relations, but I definitely feel like my blog has helped me a lot and hopefully it will be a good piece to add to my resume a few years from now.

    I don’t really like using the phrase “dream job” though because it gives off the idea to me that it will never happen. 🙂

    xx Kashara | Undiscovered Worth

    • Jennine Jacob

      Oooh good point! “Dream Job” does sound a bit wish washy… I just wish there was a way to articulate it in a more concrete way. Best of luck with Graphic Design, I did it for 10 years, and loved it!

  16. Filipa

    I wanted to be a lot of things when I was little. First, I wanted to be a model, then a fashion designer, an artist, writer etc. With my growing up my desires also changed. About a year ago I came to a certain phase of my life where I had no idea what to do with my life. And now I’m a freshman, studying law, which is definitely not what I wanted. My family, especially my dad, always wanted for me to become a very important person who earns a lot of money. My dad never finished college and I think he wants me to fulfill his dreams. He doesn’t seem to understand that not everyone like things he does, or that having a lot of money isn’t exactly what I want. I have a special love for photography and art. I’d love to have my own atelier with photos I’ve taken and drawings I made. I know my drawing skills are not that good, and my photography can definitely be better, but it’s what makes me happy and I want it. I also love blogging and traveling. My dream job would be a professional photographer who travels the world and writes his adventures on the blog. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to fulfill that, but I can try. Will see where life takes me 🙂

    Filipa from http://ohmyfilipa.blogspot.com

    • Deejay

      I totally understand how you feel when it comes to the dad part. My father wanted me to go into business and to work for him, but I put my foot down and I decided to major in Journalism (PR) and it is the best thing I could have done. I love the program and when I graduate I am going to fashion school. You are not alone. You will find your way.

  17. Irene

    My Dream Job has changed from becoming a Fashion Designer to a Fashion/ Creative Director or a Fashion Editor. (Although my blog, F*ck X’s We’re 12’s, has allowed me to play Footwear Editor to an extent)

    Fashion art and writing have been my love and clear talent since I came out the womb, and that has never changed. I’m very cerebral, creative, chock full of ideas, never short on opinions, and I love doing things to bring joy to others so my job–be a it a dream job or not–has to align my natural gifts and instincts.

  18. Jennie

    My dream job would be having a strong and positive online presence on YouTube and blogging breaking stereotypes and social norms through humor and truth. I’ve always thought about blogging since I’m interested in social media, and photography, but never followed through with it. My thought: A lot of other people are doing it..so why should I? I kept pushing that thought aside making excuses..it’s not a stable career choice, I’m shy, too many people, etc. I settled for studying graphic design in college…which was a “safe” decision, until I graduated and let the real world smack me in the face. Job hunting is rough, in freelancing and finding a regular 9-to-5. I was unhappy because I don’t have a job that I’m content with. However, recently blogging has served as my outlet to worry less and do more. I want to be a better writer, designer, photographer, and networker. Lesson learned: What do I have to lose? Believe in yourself, do you, and be patient in achieving your goals and dreams.

  19. Rachelle

    It would be to own my own boutique or maybe several lol. I would love to blog professionally as we’ll. I love it. And maybe work as a stylist.

  20. Geneva Ripton

    My goal is to build an empire an Fashion Designer, Boutique Owner, Stylist, and much more!!! I just decided to get serious in Fashion Blogging because one I love it and two It keeps me intact with the industry and gives me exposure while i finish my second degree! -www.JOpulent.wordpress.com

  21. Stefan

    It´s my dream to become a journalist. Maybe after I finished my education to become a lab assistant and saved enought money to pay the jounalist school.

    Greetings from germany
    Stefan aka SpeedTutorial

  22. Deejay

    My dream job is to do a number of things lol. I actually would love to eventually become a creative director but it that does not work out I have other options such as becoming a correspondent or host for networks like E! News or CNN. I would love to be a stylist, journalist (fashion & entertainment), and a designer. I also would love to have my own PR firm and own a online luxury boutique. I’m looking to build a empire. What ever I end up doing in life I will love as long as it’s in the fashion/entertainment business.

  23. Alecia

    I have many passions that don’t seem related. I’m a filmmaker but I have a love for fashion as well. My blog will allow me to explore all the possibilities in fashion, I want to design eventually, as well as allow me to put to use my filmmaking background. I plan to have video interviews of people that are up and coming in the gain industry. I’m new at blogging so I look forward to what the future holds.