5 Tips For A More Professional Pinterest Account

Recently I caught up with one of my blogger friends, Meghan of Wit & Whimsy. She was remarking about how she noticed that many bloggers she followed on Pinterest seemed to be missing a major marketing and branding opportunity by neglecting the little details on their accounts. After a little research, I noted the same thing – and saw an opportunity for bloggers to capitalize on with minimal effort. If you think your Pinterest account could use a little sprucing up, here are 5 quick and easy ways to make your pinning more professional!

5 Tips For A More Professional Pinterest Account

1. Use a cover image for every board. This is such an easy update for your Pinterest, and can make all the difference in inspiring others to follow specific boards. Choose an image that really pops and gives a good sense of what this board is all about.

2. Use snazzy and jazzy titles for each of your boards. “**Fall Fashion!**” C'mon, guys, we can do better than that! Have fun with your board titles, be silly, be creative! Use song lyrics or words that rhyme – maybe even a pun or play on words.

3. Don't start too many boards. While it's only natural to create new boards as you find new sources of inspiration or trends, try and keep things categorized and organized so when a new follower checks out your account, they're not overwhelmed with overly-specific categories they aren't interested in.

4. Clear out your unused boards. You know that board dedicated specifically to Kim Kardashian's style that you never got around to filling in? Nix it. Create a board of celebrity fashion that you can group all your favorite Hollywood fashionistas into.

5. Pin original images. This goes two-fold for pinning images from other sources yourself (to add fresh content to Pinterest instead of just regurgitating the same images over and over) – as well as pinning original style images from your blog! Pinterest gets better and better the more original content it's community contributes.


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8 Responses

  1. Andria Rivers

    This is really useful. I have a pintrest account for my blog that I hardly ever use, but I’ve made a pact with myself to update it more often. I’ll definitely implement these tips when I do so.

    Indie Punk Goddess

  2. Anastasia

    What update is it, where you can create a header image for every board?

    – Fashion Ramble 🙂

  3. Kathleen Lisson

    I have also found it useful to put a good description for each board, and place them in the right category. I try to think of the phrases that hat wearers would use to try to find pinterest images and put those in my descriptions of each pin, so my pins come up under both the Pins and Boards categories.


  4. Rena A Thompson

    Thanks for the tips. So basic, but a great reminder for those of us who have long hiatuses between pinning. I’ll have to go back and review my boards.
    Rena @ The Style Gospel