A New Fashion-Only Curation Tool: LookSoup

By Sacramento Amate of Mis Papelicos

Recently I was approached by a new fashion curation tool, LookSoup, and asked join their site and try it out with no strings attached. Being born curious and a firm believer that age, size and gender know no boundaries to those who love fashion as a way of self expression, I jumped on board.

Very young blood runs through LookSoup's veins at present, but to my surprise, I found many new and interesting blogs and links in the few weeks since I joined. I have also noticed an increase in traffic to my blog from places far and wide – including China!

Here are five reasons why fashion bloggers should check out LookSoup:

1. Unlike larger curation sites like Pinterest, LookSoup is exclusively for fashion and style inspiration, and has a dedicated community.

2. It is easy to use. Nobody needs to have a pin button on their sites, users only have to add a “collect” button to your browser's bookmarks bar to grab inspiring images from around the net.

3. You get a score from other people interested in fashion who are using LookSoup, which is intended to become a measure of your fashion influence across the web.

4.Your Looksoup profile can be linked to your blog, making promotion easy.

5.You can't collect the same image twice, so there's no need to double check your boards all the time.


[Image credit: Sacramento Amate's LookSoup account.]

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