The Ultimate Holiday GIF Guide


We love GIFs all year round… but something about holiday gifs really brightens up the season.

1. Monica's turkey dance

Best Thanksgiving scene ever.

2. Kramer's Butter Shave

Another 90's classic, it's all Newmann can see!

3. Don't try to steal a cat's pie!

4. Eating Pants

Don't lie! We're all taking Thanksgiving inspiration form That's so Raven.

5. Pie AND Gin.. what else are holidays for?

I never saw the Laramie Project, but hey, the gif rings true.

6. Christmas or Hanukkah

This was the only decent Hanukka gif I could find. Tumblr how could you fail me? Chrismakkah barely counts.

7. Buddy

Can make anyone believe in Christmas.

8. Rudolph's nose

Celebrate the uniqueness in us all. Aww!

9. Don't get Scrooged.

Bill Murray, buy these kids a tree already!

10. Reflect on the season…

11. And decorate, decorate, decorate.

Skip the tinsel if you have cats!

12. No, really, decorate

13. And don't be mean…

You might not get your pressies.


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  1. sacramento

    The turkey mun is horrible, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Madre mía!!!