5 Things You Can Do For Your Blog While The Turkey is in the Oven

Happy Thanksgiving IFB community! Over here in the states, we are all taking a day off of work to gather with family and friends, celebrate all the things we are thankful for in life, and gobble up ridiculous amounts of delicious food.

Most likely, you've got a very busy day planned – filled with sitting on the couch, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, or maybe playing a little touch football with your cousins. All the while, a giant, juicy, turkey is roasting in the oven (or maybe a tofurkey?). While you wait for that beautiful bird to be carved, why not take an hour or two (trust me, you have the time) and make some updates to your blog.

This is the perfect time to do all those little things you've been meaning to get around to, but haven't yet.

1. Spruce up your design. Have you been meaning to add a widget for your Instagram profile to your blog? Does your header need a refresher? Now is the time to put your computer on your lap and get these things done – and you'll be so pleased with yourself. When your readers log on tomorrow, fresh out of a tryptophan-induced food coma, they will be pleasantly surprised at your updates.

2. Update your pages. If you have a page that lists your blog accomplishments, partnerships and press mentions, today is a great day to get that up to date. How about your “About page?” Does it need a little love? Maybe you've been meaning to add a page about your disclosure and gifting policies. Seize the day!

3. Make a gift guide (or a .gif guide, if you're feeling cheeky). A lot of bloggers have already gotten a head start on this, so play catch up while that turkey roasts. Or, if you're already swamped with content, now's a great time to reach out for guest gift guides.

4. Jazz up your social media profiles. Have you updated your Twitter profile? Is your Facebook cover photo looking a little too summer-y these days (do you even have one yet?)? Perhaps your Pinterest account needs a little love as well. Take 30 minutes and give your social media profiles the make-over they deserve.

5.  Take a break. We don't get a lot of down time as bloggers. We often spend our “down time ” – when others are hangning out with friends, watching TV or getting outside – working on our blogs. If you need it, take this day to relax, close the computer and have some face-to-face conversations with your family.

How will you spend your Thanksgiving holiday?

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4 Responses

  1. Julia Style Me

    I will be in England and longing to be with my son in Berkeley, California – he will be enjoying his first American thanksgiving will all his new friends and he maybe a bit confused as to why it’s not Christmas day and he is eating turkey!

  2. Laura Steven

    Love this post! I’m a UK girl so didn’t get to enjoy any turkey – boo! – but I enjoyed these ideas.