10 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Love the Holidays

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10 Reasons Why You Should Get Excited for the Holidays:


1. Parties galore – Now is the time to shine. With holiday parties popping up every night, make it your goal to mix and mingle with the guests and hosts. Don a great dress, flash a big smile and work that room.

2. Shopping – Do we even need to mention this? The holidays are all about shopping so why not create content that caters to this seasonal topic. Sales, holiday style, exclusive retail collaborations. There is so much potential for blogging content, just waiting.

3. Photo opportunities – From your fancy party outfits to holiday decorations, your readers will go crazy for seasonal content so make sure your visuals match their wants. Holiday lights, retail windows, make the most of the season on both your blog and Instagram.

4. Networking – This ties into reason #1 but it deserves to be further discussed. Your goal at these holiday parties should be to position yourself as a leader and expert in the community. Yes, you should definitely have fun (it’s the holidays!) but it would be a major fail if you didn’t introduce yourself to brands or editors. A simple, brief introduction suffices in most cases. Just get your name out there, and don’t forget to smile.

5. Celebrations for YOU – We rarely take time to actually stop and recognize our accomplishments. So this year, why not take a moment and pat yourself on the back for all the work you do. The more you celebrate your own successes, the more likely you are to keep working so hard.

6. So much lifestyle content – from cooking to decorating, gift-giving, DIY projects or a tour of your favorite hometown spots, keep your eyes open for little tid-bits you can share from this festive time of year.

7.Capitalize on SEO – Okay so we know that keywords aren't exactly the most “festive” topic, but this is the time to use Google Trends and other tools to see what people are searching for that relates to the holidays. From gift guides to recipes – your traffic can really get a great boost at this time of year.

8. Closing the computer – It's amazing the restorative power that comes with powering down. The holidays are the best excuse to go off the grid for a bit, spend time with friends and family, and just get out and about to help you get centered and remember all the most important things in life!

9. Time to recharge – The best part about the holidays is the brief break everyone gets. That week right between Christmas and New Years is not only the quietest in the blogging community but also in the fashion industry. Many are on vacation, taking break and we think you should take one too. A few days of rest not only clears the mind but gets you ready to rock for 2013.

10. Vacations – Traveling is an excellent source of blogging inspiration. Whether it's heading home and returning to your roots or jetting off to a ski resort or tropical island, there's so much potential in a change of scenery – whether it's familiar or unknown.

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12 Responses

  1. Donna

    These are great ideas, but what if you’re not a big socializer so you don’t get invited to parties? Maybe I answered my own question. Maybe I’ll write posts for people who don’t go out a lot, don’t live near their family, and don’t have much money to shop. I know those people are out there, too, since I’m one of them!

    • Nathalie F.

      Donna, let me know if you do this. I’d love to check that out! I, also, don’t go to many parties. In fact, the only “parties” I go to happen at my family’s and my boyfriend’s families houses, where I spend most of my holidays. And really, they’re just great family gatherings, with too much food and too little time to eat it all.


  2. Nathalie F.

    I mostly agree with everything you said, but part of #2 rubbed me the wrong way. You said the holidays are all about shopping, and while I agree that there are fantastic opportunities for scoring big during this time, I think the holidays are still all about family. Shopping should come second.