After The Platform Switch: 4 Quick Fixes To Look Out For

Switching blog platforms is no small task. It can feel like a cross country move – packing up everything you own, all your precious belongings, your little nick-nacks that mean so much and all those clothes – taking them to a brand new place and making a fresh start.

A move is exciting, exhausting and nerve-wracking. Once you've landed at your new spot, the hard part begins. You have to unpack, get re-organized, find a place for everything and see if it all fits into your new location. The same is true when you move your blog content to a new platform. Once the heavy lifting is over, much of the real, tedious, important work begins.

When I moved my blog from OnSugar to Blogger, I didn't realize how much of a mess my old content would be after the move. Much of my formatting was lost, as were links, image sizes, and all my tags. It's absolutely tedious and kind of a pain, but getting your old content sorted out is essential to the navigation and presentation of your site.

If you've switched platforms recently, here are 4 quick fixes to look out for:


The Problem: Image sizing and formatting


After you switch platform, you might notice that your image sizing on old posts doesn't fit with your new settings. If you have all your images stored on your computer, it may just be a matter of re-sizing the original and replacing it. If you've lost the original (like if you grabbed it from another site) either replace it or try loading it into an editor like and resizing it there. If you were using a slideshow or gallery feature on one platform, check those posts as well.

The Fix: If you're moving into WordPress, you can use a gallery or slideshow plugin to format your images. Blogger does not have a built-in gallery feature, but OnSugar does.

The Problem: Type formatting


Whether or not your formatting will change depends on the platforms you are moving to and from, but just be sure to look out for this on your different types of posts. What looked good in a personal style post on your last platform (like centered text or bulleted lists) may not work now.

The Fix: To access these posts more quickly, instead of scrolling through endless lists of content, search your archives on the back end using keywords that would bring up the kinds of posts that might have wonky formatting issues. I've also been able to find a lot of these posts using my OutBrain “you might also like” widget.

The Problem: Outbound links


From blogrolls to press mentions, shopping links and image sources, just be sure that your outbound links made the switch okay. *If moving plaforms means switching your URL, be sure to update it on everything – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your email signature and LinkedIn profile.

The Fix: To speed up the process, try a free broken link checker like this one, or a WordPress plugin like this.

The Problem: Tags and categories


When I moved platforms, each tag on my posts that was more than one word had an underscore between the words, rather than a space – rendering the search too totally useless (it looked like denim_shirts rather than denim shirts). Going in and manually changing these tags is a tedious but necessary process so that readers and search engines alike can find your content. If you're moving into WordPress, you may have to create entirely new categories as well.

The Fix: There are WordPress plugins to solve almost any problem, so switching platforms can be fairly painless. Here are importers for Tumblr and Blogger. As someone currently on Blogger, I have yet to find a trick to updating my tags without doing it manually.

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  1. Maggie A

    I recently just considered switching to WordPress for the new year. I have to admit although it may seem like a step up from blogger. I think I’m just too comfortable with blogger to actually make the move.