Creating a Dynamic Business Idea Inspired by your Blog

By Jessie Artigue of Style & Pepper

I've learned a lot of things about myself over the past 4 years of running a style blog, but there is one thing I've known all along: It hasn't ever been (and most likely never will be) my goal to run my site, Style & Pepper, as a full-time blogger.

Over the course of my young (albeit quite varied) career, I’ve found that I work best on a project-oriented basis, thrive in collaborative settings & that love of media communications (specifically broadcasting) is one of my favorite strengths. These valuable observations, even as they continue to grow and develop, have come to be the foundation that I've based my business upon, and even though my blog is still a large part of my day to day activities, it is not an end-point or final goal, by any means.

That said, my site is a very important part of the successes I've had over the past few years as a creative entrepreneur, and I'd love to share how I've been able to utilize it as a helpful tool, and have recently let it inspire the creation and launch of a new business idea doing something that I absolutely love.

Start with the End


It may sound like a lofty goal, but I try to ensure that the majority of my projects point toward what I’ve identified as one of my life’s purposes, and placing that desire at the core of my current business model has been both rewarding and successful. Perhaps you are passionate about helping fellow bloggers find their voice through artistic photography, or maybe you'd like to share your gifts of organization and productivity with others as it relates to running a successful fashion site? Grab a hold of whatever concept you can get most excited about, and let's start to examine how it might possibly turn into a source of revenue for you.

Strengths & Loves


Identifying your strengths and strategically aligning them to overlap with what you love to do, is a good next step of the process. If your goal is to teach fellow budget-conscious women how to shop the current trends for less, and you happen to be an amazing writer, you might consider compiling a series of e-books containing how-to articles or resources that you’ve found to be helpful as you’ve honed your own craft. Are you more of a people-person? Many bloggers have gone the consulting route, and you might find that one-on-one teaching, shopping tours, or leading group classes are much more your speed.

The Final Product


My desire to help women feel like the absolute best possible versions of themselves is the drive behind my latest project called Pepperologie: A Five-course Study of Style. Increasing someone’s confidence by enhancing their personal style is such an incredibly rewarding experience, and our collaborative workshop aims to create a hands-on and affirming place where that can occur. The fellow bloggers who are teaching each course based on their different areas of expertise have turned it into an incredibly dynamic event, rich with interactive layers and valuable takeaways for all of the guests. We’re essentially bringing the pages of our blogs to life, and enabling ourselves to continue to pursue our passions as we do.



I’m constantly devouring online business resources, and love sharing them with other fellow creative entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for a little extra holiday weekend reading, here are some of my favorites: Marie ForleoSeth GodinJess LivelyBraid CreativeDerek Halpern & Meg Biram, to name a few.

I'd love to hear about any of your own current business ideas or offerings (blog-inspired or not), so what do you say we make the most of this amazing IFB community and let's do a little brainstorming in the comments section of this post!

Image credit: Jessie Artigue by Sarah Haile

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11 Responses

  1. ShoesTweet

    Great article and very sound advice. I write about what I love and though it is not my primary business, it definitely generates ideas – and yes, even some income.

  2. Lauren - Slowburn Fastburn

    Great article! I started my blog to showcase my experience as a young, unformally trained designer and Etsy shop owner. Now, I’m leaning more towards writing. It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself and find out just how much is possible!

    x laur

  3. rita

    such a great, well-written article, jessie! thanks for sharing. glad to see some of my favorite resources listed! i also love tim ferriss, amanda genther, and rena tom.

    • Jessie

      You’re so welcome, Rita! Thanks for adding those extras… I also love Amanda and will definitely add Tim and Rena to my list now, too!

  4. Pemberley Jones

    Wow, I’m glad I came across this article! I am living through this thought process right now too. I will always keep my blog, even if it’s not my end goal. It’s allowed me to discover so much about myself and with it I’ve gotten better at so many things (photography, composition, writing, etc) I’m so excited about my next venture! Great article, thanks for always producing awesome content IFB!!

  5. sweet & spark

    This article is inspiring! I recently re-launched my lifestyle blog ( as an e-comm brand modernizing vintage jewelry and I’m taking a bit of a blog spin on it (lots of on-body pics & friendly product descriptions). Come check us out! Everything is unique so if you have your eye on something, be sure to buy asap.

    Also- Seth Godin is one of my all time fav’s!! A must follow.


  6. Sarah

    Thanks for the advice.

    I too don’t think I could be a full time blogger as I think they may be too dependent on the media and on working with brands, I’m more of the sort of person to create my own brand. I’m always thinking up new ways to start a business venture. My most recent one is more related to what I do outside of the blog-sphere but I could still incorporate it into running along side my blog.

    Sarah x

  7. Niki

    Thanks for such a fab post! It’s always great to hear how others have grown and developed their blog…especially when it’s a blogger that you admire! I started my blog as a tool to promote my personal styling business, but very quickly I realised that it was much more than that. Not only have my writing and photography improved, but it pushes me to experiment with my own styling…which in turn helps my business! It’s also inspiring me to try new ventures and hopefully take my business in a different direction x

  8. Barbara

    In my wildest dreams I never imagined that I would ever be a brand owner but now I found myself as not only one but one who is passionate.

    I long to help other makeup artist brand their businesses successfully and individuals to find what they are passionate but that is still an idea that I am working on. Hopefully it will blossom next year.

    Lagos, Nigeria