Fashion Bloggers From Across the Country Show How They See The World

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Not only a visual diary of your outfits and inspirations, a blog is a looking glass into your life and can't be replicated. It's a rare glimpse into your perspective, your thoughts, your world. That's what makes blogging so exciting: its authenticity and ability to spotlight your world to countless readers all over the world.


That's why we jumped at the chance to work on this “#SeeTheWord” project with 10 fashion bloggers across the United States and Lookmatic, an online eyewear retailer.


Focused on sharing each blogger's unique philosophy on their world, the #SeeTheWorld project gave readers an opportunity to see how their favorite bloggers envision the world. The responses and feedback were phenomenal and we wanted to share all 10 of participants entries with you.



#SeeTheWorld Participants:

How do you #SeeTheWorld? When you open your eyes to the world around you, what do you see?

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored project with Lookmatic.


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5 Responses

  1. Amy

    Hi IFB! Thanks so much for the opportunity, again : ) QQ – were not all entries considered for this “Participants” summary? I thought I submitted my entry correctly, but please let me know if that was not the case!

    Congrats again to the winner!