How To Make Money Blogging During the Holidays

Wow, I sort of feel like the Grinch just reading my own headline. Making money during the holidays? Isn't this season supposed to be about giving and sharing and taking a break from all this business stuff we spend the whole year dwelling on?

Well, yes and no. I think this time of year it is essential to take stock of all the blessings in our lives and make the ones we love feel special by doting on them with gifts – but I also feel like it's important not to lose steam over these next few weeks. I believe that you can tactfully and tastefully capitalize on the gift-giving, party-hopping, and merry-making of the season.

Here are 5 ways to make money blogging during the holiday season:

Your gift guides

Holy affiliate links Batman! The whole concept behind creating gift guides on your blog is to be a curator and “Santa's little helper” to your blog readers – directing them right to all the perfect purchases. This is a time of year when people's incentive to complete purchases is very, very high. Be sure that when you can, your gift guides are loaded up with affiliate links. (Brush up on all your affiliate network info right here.)

Party dressing ideas

At some point this season (and probably many times over) your readers are going to find themselves under the mistletoe at a holiday party – and they're going to want to look fabulous. Use your excellent sense of occasion dressing to create collages of holiday style inspiration, party dress picks and all the gorgeous, sparkling baubles you can find! Again, use your affiliate links to make shopping right from your site easy.

Banner ads

If you've been slacking on pitching yourself to sell banner ads, or to implement them through your ad network or affiliate network, now is the time! [To get more familiar with the ins and outs of banner ads, download our exclusive guide, and check out our post on how to set your ad rates.]

Offer styling services

This idea is a little out of the box, but hear me out. I'm guessing that as a fashion blogger, many of your friends and family look to you for style advice. This busy time of year involves a lot of parties and socializing, all requiring a great look, as I said above. Why not offer your services for a small fee? You might be surprised who would appreciate the help. You can style people right out of their own closets, or act as a personal shopper. Whether you use the money for your own holiday shopping or perhaps donate it to a good cause is up to you!

Social media & affiliate links

In the same way that it's important not to slack on your affiliate links on your site this time of year, it's a great time to use them in a very natural way on social media. Create gift guide Pinterest boards using your links and tweet out quick gift suggestions. (Insider tip: my successful fashion blogger friends say they get the most clicks & purchases with affiliate links through Pinterest because of the viral nature of the images.)


The key component to embracing the potential of the season is to continually position yourself as an expert. Whether you're pitching posts to other outlets or acting as the ultimate holiday guru for your whole community, you can be a spirited and knowledgeable influence across all your channels in a way that is mutually beneficial and a lot of fun. Stay on top of online retailer sales and promotions, review festive and hot ticket items and above all – be jolly! (Sorry, I couldn't resist…)

Are you inspired to make money blogging this holiday season?

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9 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    This is an incredibly good idea, to be honest. It could be seen as a tad bit “Grinch-like” but it’s realistic! Thanks for the tips!

    My friends and family really do look to me for style advice, as do a couple of my readers! It’s comforting and flattering. I love creating looks for others!

    -Stephanie, Chocolate Laced

  2. M

    Is there an article explaining how to insert affiliate links on pintrest? Ever time I try to pinterest gives me a message saying I can’t use affiliate links.


  3. Linda

    Love the idea about Pinterest. I just started using it and slowly seeing the benefits of it, but never really thought to make a specific section, like fashion using my affiliate links.

    Thanks for ideas!

  4. Glaudius

    I don’t have a blog because I (rightly or wrongly) think it’s time consuming and I have my doubt about “making money” out of it. That said, if you have the time these sound like great ideas. I sell on etsy and I can tell you Blogs help both buyers and sellers. There is a blogger ( who has figured a way to get always renewed content by allowing people to post their products directly. This might reduce your work load.
    Whatever you do leave the keyboard alone on New Year’s eave :0)

  5. MonicaP

    Great ideas that I think I’ll file away until next year. I’m just starting out and really want to fix the design of the blog. I’m not happy with the template I’m using and want something ‘not so busy’ ..

    So the whole affiliate deal will have to wait until next year for me.