IFB Project #72 Round Up: Create Your Best Gift Guide Ever

Sometimes I think I say this too often, but I think this may have been my favorite IFB project round up, EVER. There were more than 80 submissions, and you know what? They were all so great. You each have such creative and cool ideas to inspire your readers – and I must say whoever is getting these gifts will be very pleased. From guides themed around characters to personalities, to gifts that cost nothing at all – narrowing down the options to just 10 was so hard! Thank you, THANK YOU for all of your posts – they were so much fun to read. And now…

Our 10 Favorite Gift Guides from the Community:

1. Peace Love Sequins: Stocking Stuffer Ideas

2. Sorelle In Style: Gift Guide for Sisters

3. Mrs. Dork: Oxford's Christmas List (for her dog!)

4. Sketchbook Closet: Illustrated Gift Guide 3

5. The Curatorial: Gift Guide For A Grown Up Lydia Deetz

6. Fashion Moriarty: 7 Gifts That Aren't Objects

7. Stockholm Calling: Holiday Gifts That Will Make Your Friends & Family Smile

8. Cute Looks Though: Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty Enthusiast

9. Girl With A Banjo: What To Give Your Blogger Friend

10. PR Couture: Fashion PR Girl 2012 Holiday Survival Guide

For more holiday shopping ispiration than you could ever need, check out all the submissions here. Be sure to check back on Saturday for the next IFB project!

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9 Responses

  1. Yazmina from Girl with a Banjo

    Ey! What a surprise! Thank you very much for selecting my post (#9)!

  2. Katie Cadamatre

    I’m so excited to be in the round-up and flattered to be in the company of some really cool blogs. I had a blast sketching all these items! Thank you so much for your selection. ♥

  3. Patrinia

    Personally, I have problems with buying gifts and choosing gifts for myself as well. I created blog post about Christmas gifts and I would be grateful for your advice if you have time. I also put there some ideas, which may help you if you have similar problems as me. Im looking forward to your ideas and tips. (post is written in English and Slovak as well).


    Hope I would like!!