How Your Blog Name Can Help (or Hurt) Your Business

We've talked about how to name your fashion blog on IFB in the past, both in a serious way and a very silly way. It's that first big task when you're getting started, and it's so important. Your blog's brand, identity, online profiles and URL will all be tied to your blog's name. It's your first impression and it matters.

I don't think I even have to say it but: choose wisely, young grasshopper. Why? It's this simple: a bad blog name will make you look bad, and a great blog name can do wonders.

A Bad Blog Name:

  • Discredits your talent
  • Could confuse people
  • Might mis-represent your brand
  • Allows people to judge you before they know your content
  • Could keep you from getting a project or advertisers

A Good Blog Name:

  • Sticks in someone's head
  • Might make people laugh
  • Has a keyword that search engines love
  • Accurately represents who you are
  • Is unique and creative
  • Is short and sweet


So what's a good blog name and what's a bad blog name? A good blog name probably doesn't include cuss words or crude language. A bad blog name conjures unpleasant images in your head. A good blog name is one you're proud to say out loud. (To anyone.) A good blog name is made better when it can easily be translated into a social media handle, which has a lot to do with length and word choice.

Need some examples? I'll make some up to give you a better idea:

– “Joan's Fashion Blog” is direct, but not very dynamic or memorable.

– “Trends & The Toothbrush” is perhaps memorable, and uses a keyword, but random, and not descriptive. (Unless your blog is about dental care!)

– “Style Roach” is original, but roaches conjure up an unpleasant mental image for many.

– “F*ck Yeah All The Things In My Closet” –Β  The whole “f*ck yeah” thing has been done, and this title is way too long.

Okay, so you want a great blog name that helps (and doesn't hurt) your business. You want it to be the right length, to be clever and easy to remember. Where do you even start? Here are a few topics and elements to get your gears turning when figuring out how to name your blog.

  • Your location: Are you greatly impacted and by where you live? Does it influence your style? Do you focus on local fashion and culture?
  • Your niche: Are you blogging for a certain body type? Do you dress for a certain career? Do you have a specific style could be or has been named? Consider including words that might indicate what type of blog you have and who your audience is. (This is where that keyword part comes in – it helps with SEO too!)
  • Your personal interests:Think about little things that might sound cool: What are your hobbies? Favorite movies? Songs? Poems? Take the words, titles, lyrics, and imagery that come to mind and write them down, twist them around and see what comes out.


How did you name your fashion blog? Share what kind of process you went through in the comments.

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  1. Ciara

    I named my blog ‘a trickle of meaning’ after a line in an alice in wonderland book!

    • Modupe Oloruntoba

      Your blog is beautiful! I love the little signature at the end of your posts, and I really love that outfit post with the orange dress – fab from hair tips to toe! πŸ™‚

  2. Crosby

    I landed on PR Couture because (and thank goodness) was taken (my original idea for the site was much more of an educational/resource/school type site than a blog. I liked it immediately because I am a sucker for double-meaning – and I liked that PR Couture tied in with fashion, but that also it represented an aspirational quality of public relations practice that I could both aspire to and showcase.

    As an aside – I love love love naming things, and routinely get ideas for blog names, and then try and figure out what type of content it should have.

    • Modupe Oloruntoba

      If you love naming things, you should totally bank that! My sister started a website with all african fashion video content, and coming up with a name was torture, even though I thought I was fairly good at it – all the stuff that fit perfectly was taken! Sell a pre-copy written/pre-trademarked name along with a matching URL at the right price, and I would be first in line to buy one. πŸ™‚

  3. Nasreen

    mines called lazyobsession but i should probably change it since it doesnt say much about my blog!


  4. sealaura

    I am a beach lover and travel enthusiasts who loves fashion. I definitely wanted something simple and memorable. sealaura is my blog name because I love the SEA and in Spanish “sea” is the command “to be” so I wanted to inspire people “to be” and enjoy all that life has to offer.

  5. Grace

    My blog’s called Bonjour Grace. I named it because one of my favourite books, Bonjour Tristesse, was sitting on my desk when I created the blog, and when I tried out ‘Bonjour Grace’ it seemed to work pretty well! I’m known amongst my friends for being one of those (probably annoying) girls who throws the odd French word into an otherwise entirely English conversation, so I guess my blog name works on more levels than one!

  6. Kels

    My blog is a beauty and fashion blog so I named it after one of my favourite nail polishes, Pandamoniumpink

  7. Stephanie

    My blog’s name “Chocolate Laced” is short and sweet (literally!) When choosing my blog name, I wanted it to be all the things that you mentioned under the “Good Blog Name” list, so I created a list myself. I used my knack for poetry to create a list of 5 names that I thought best represent what I wanted to portray and then I asked my Tumblr followers to help me choose. They all chose Chocolate Laced. πŸ™‚

    -Steph, Chocolate Laced

  8. Kate Hostetler

    My blog is called Dry-Clean Only ( and I am in love with it. πŸ™‚ I think it’s really unique and I thought of it one day when I was just looking at the labels on my clothes! My clothes never fail to inspire me;)
    Clothing that you have to dry-clean are always nicer, more well-crafted pieces with great quality and that’s how I prefer my clothes and my style to be! I thought it was a perfect fit. πŸ™‚
    check it out! I follow back as well:)

  9. The Glamorous Housewife

    Here is the thing about naming a blog: It can always be changed. I swear every time I tell someone I am a blogger they say, “Oh, I would love to blog but I can’t think of a good name”. When you first start out it doesnt really matter what your name is. I started as “Talesofaretromodernhousewife”. I know, way too long. But after blogging for a few months, for some reason I started signing my comments as “The Glamorous Housewife”. I realized that was a killer name and changed the title of my blog. So take it from someone who has changed the name of their blog- it is totally do-able and dont let the name of your blog prevent you from starting a blog.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

    • Kierra

      This is awesome! I’m looking to change my blog name too. Was it hard and did you lose a lot of followers?

  10. Sierra

    My blog is The Queenpin…I felt that it was different, but it seems that people dont immediately relate it to the term “kingpin” which is kind of a good thing.
    In my mind, it almost represents authority and success to me, but instead meaning “I’m a big time drug dealer” it means “I’m a big time fashion blogger”, lol.

  11. I'esha GaptoothDiva

    I actually decided to take a risk with my blog name. I wanted a blog name that was ME, without being my legal name. I identify as a gaptooth diva, this has now become my brand. My image is about being myself and NOT playing it safe. If brands and companies don’t want to work with me because of it, they’re not who I’m in conjunction with. I think the name doesnt matter as much as tags, titles, & all that SEO business. My traffic isn’t super high, but I’m doing well. If you’re networking and making connections then you’ll do well, also. It’s all just a huge conversation. I appreciate blogs with quirky, controversial, and/or outrageous names. Most of the time, they seem the most real. It seems unfair to think I can’t use whatever best represents who I am for fear of scaring off a supporter.

    • Alessia

      Actually the URL gives quite a good amount of points for SEO but the algorithm changes all the time and a blogging persona should be thought long-lasting so I agree with your approach. Target people, not robots. And everyone does SEO, you have to deal with it constantly and unless you pay a company to do it for you it will cut time for the great content that really matters.

  12. Devon -

    I consider my site name to be ‘meant to be’…
    it was the very first name I wrote down during brainstorming, and I remember being so relieved to discover that it hadn’t already been registered to someone else.

    When I’ve shared it with friends, their reaction is ‘Yup. That’s you” – perfect!


  13. Rachel

    To me this was the hardest part of starting up! I tried to go with short and simple, while still summing up MY style. Glitzy Blues works for and I just love the way it sounds!

    Xo, Rachel

    Glitzy Blues

  14. nicole

    I spent at least two weeks trying to think of a name for my blog. I’ll admit, I’m a little indecisive, so a decision probably could have been made sooner, but still. I wanted to get it right the first time, and it feels so good now that I’ve made a decision. I started with a piece of blank 12″ x 12″ paper and a bag of sharpies. I started writing down any and all words that I find appealing – from kinds of flowers (tulips) and colors (aubergine) to city nicknames (Emerald City) and fashionable details (sequins, lace).

    Finally. I decided on teacups and B cups (a blog about filling life with things you love).

    It made my best friend and my boyfriend laugh, and it represents me in every way.

  15. Nathalie F.

    Well, let me tell you how I named mine. I created a list of all the relevant, descriptive, and catchy words that came to mind over a period of about 3 weeks. I asked trusted friends and family members to pick their favorite combinations. I ended up going with “Earnestyle”, which I originally loved because I thought it was so clever (Earnest Style, except it’s together: Earnestyle, get it?).

    But then someone on Etsy misspelled it as “Earne Style”, which made me go, “Oh no! What if people are thinking I’m trying to tell them they can EARN STYLE through my blog!” Not the message I intended to send, people. It’s just Earnestyle. As in Earnest Style, except together because the last two letters of “earnest” are the first two of style. See that? *Sigh.*

  16. melissaos

    Hi.. After reading this I don’t think my blog name represents so much what I’m trying to accomplish.. Do you have any advice as to what could happen if someone decides to change the name of their blog after a year or more with it? Does it really confuse the readers or is there a way to succesfully make the transition?

    Please help!! Thanks πŸ˜›

  17. The Style Box

    It sounds really ridiculous but I had no idea that this huge world of blogging existed when I started mine (I only started because my husband has a food blog and I thought it looked like fun!) In a way that really helped because I wasn’t caught up in worrying what people would think of my blog name.

    The Style Box popped into my brain almost immediately with hardly any thought and my husband tried to get me to think of other names after that but I was pretty set on it and knew it was right. I was so lucky that nobody else already had this name and I managed to get the correct URL and Twitter handle.


  18. Akvile

    I named my blog “fashion.doc”. The fact I work in a magazine and write about fashion is probably the reason I open the Word file millions of times. The ending .doc (as Word document code) is this daily documentation of the fashion I work in and I draw. Now it has three sections: working in the magazine stuff, fashion week diary and my fashion illustrations.

  19. Krista

    This is such a great topic. Since November 2007, I’ve been Boutique Flair, Style Epiphany, and Krista Peck. I’ve finally landed at Therapy Darling after changing directions professionally and realizing what works and doesn’t work for me. For me, leaning towards a lifestyle blog is the right fit because the umbrella allows me to keep boredom at bay. I’ve kind of come full circle, returning to my therapy roots, which I’ve found to be the perfect fit because whether I’m being a friend, consulting a client, or writing, I find that I tend to think through a counselor’s lens. I can still have fun with it, focusing on everything from retail therapy (shopping) to career counseling (small business tips). I think short and memorable is the way to go! xo

  20. Angelica Lainis

    My blog name A Fine Fashion Frenzy was actually inspired by one of my favourite artists A Fine Frenzy. So when coming up with my blog name it was actually quite easy. In addition to A Fine Frenzy – Alison Sudol, her photography and music capture the essence of my style blog. A Fine Fashion Frenzy is just all about style, fun and getting advice.

  21. Ephrath Amin

    My blog name is ImEphrath because I had no other ideas! haha I really should’ve put more thought into it. Although, I think if I had named it after fashion then people would expect too much ha ha! πŸ™‚

  22. Castle Fashion

    I’m pretty sure I thought of my blog name and registered it in about 40 seconds. I had a spell of doubt about it a few months back but that passed and I still think it’s the perfect glove for my metaphorical internet hand. Hahaha

    Castle Fashion

  23. J. Nicole

    Around the time I decided I wanted to blog, Brooklyn (where I live) was really gaining momentum, esp with the stadium being built. Brooklynites are known for being outspoken, and I wanted to express that; hence calling my blog “Urban Expressive”. Not delegating it to only one topic has helped me discuss things outside of fashion and be taken seriously.

  24. Melanie Fontaine

    For me, finding the perfect blog name was a continuous struggle! I’ve played around with different titles, but couldn’t quite find something right. It took me a while to realize that there is probably no such thing as a perfect blog name, but since that realization I’ve been able to just go on with building my blog.
    I now know that I unnecessarily lost a lot of time on looking for the ‘perfect’ name, time that I could have used to actually do some blogging. My blog is currently called ,Melanie Fontaine’ which is just some wordplay with my first name.

  25. purplebananasandfudgeballs

    I named my blog Purple Bananas and Fudgeballs, and I get a lot of funny responses to that. It just popped into my head one day, and it wouldn’t leave so I just went with it. I think the my blog’s name attracts curious people, and then I hook ’em with my style. At least, I’d like to think!

  26. Genma

    My blog is called From Gem With Love, because its written by me and I put my heart in to it. It’s the way I would sign off a letter.

  27. Cynthia

    Before 2010, my main site was called Prospere Magazine. Originally, I was going to be a business and style publication, but the business part kind of went down the wayside and I became lifestyle only. Name no longer made any sense, so it was time for a makeover. As I wanted to focus on style and food (and a bit of travel and culture), my (now) husband (then fiance) and I came up with DelectablyChic!. We felt the name would encompass both topics (as in food is delectable, style is chic). While I did have some people (including one of my guest writers) wonder why I rebranded, at the end , it was a good thing. Almost immediately after the name change, I started getting many more emails from PR people offering to send me products or invitations to events.

    As for my more personal site, I used to blog about size issues as Shorty Stories. As the years rolled on, I started to post outfit pictures, to a point that it was almost exclusively outfit posts. That, too, led to a makeover when I transferred many of my outfit posts to The DelectablyChic! Closet (since people seem to know me as DelectablyChic! and not Shorty Stories (some 1800+ Twitter followers versus a measly 300ish)). Still, the main DelectablyChic! site gets the most activity.


  28. Renee | Beauty Fool

    My blog’s name is Beauty Fool (as in, a play on the word “beautiful”), I love it but I have to take a second or two to explain since most people think it’s “”. But once they understand they think it’s clever so that makes me happy πŸ˜› If I had to name another blog though, I’d still go with a pun/play on words, I like those the best! And sometimes your name can be the best choice.

    x Renee

  29. cyelip

    I named my blog after a song by Muse: Panic Station. I fell in love with that song!

    For me “A Panic Station” it’s great, defines me, defines the whole look of the blog, you can start with a fashion post or a music post, It’s a lovely way to have fun and say: It’s not chaotic, but, you don’t know where to start. It’s a panic station!

  30. shopandtwirl

    One night I was brainstorming on a blog name and I started out by just writing down a bunch of fashion/shopping/girly words like that came to mind. I was watching an episode of Gossip Girl and was thinking about words that rhyme with girl and came up with twirl. Shop & Twirl just suddenly clicked for me. It’s simple, to the point, describes my blog, and can be easily read in a URL, twitter handle, etc (shopandtwirl). Voila!

  31. Carla - Stella Shops

    Stella Shops is a shopping and style blog. Adding the ‘shops’ part to the name was the easy part. The Stella part came from my blog partner and I trying to figure out a name that would work with ‘Shops’ and since we couldn’t really mash Carla and Mizzie together, we went for the alliteration and used my pug’s name, Stella. It wasn’t my original intention, but over time Stella has become a little part of the brand. She frequently pops up on the Stella Shops social media. She’s a pretty stylish pug. πŸ˜‰

  32. Mayette

    I named my blog, Looks Cute Though, after a quote from The Office! I also use this excuse for anything I’m thinking of buying. Sigh.

  33. Maya

    My blog is named: archistas,
    I searched long for it and I should be the only one with the name πŸ™‚ it comes from architecture + fashionista + s it really describes what’s on my blog as I’m an architect student who loves fashion πŸ˜‰

  34. Shevon Miller

    My blogs name is Trashing Fashion. I came up with the name while watching fashion police. I got so sick of everyone talking about these so called “fashion rules”. So my friend turned to me and said why do you care you trash everything. About a week later I decide Trashing Fashion was the perfect name. Its catchy, It makes people think, Fits my personal style and well its memorable!
    My personal style is far from normal so the name stuck!


  35. Petya

    I don’t remember how I choose my blog name, but after I called it like that, I understood that there is a magazine called like that. (I didn’t know it before because it’s not published in my country).

  36. Margaux

    I changed my blog name about 6 months ago. I went from “The Girl Who Wore Everything” to “Tongue in Chic” – While I liked my old blog name, it felt a little childish. Tongue in Chic is a play on words, which I love. Sadly, it was taken, so I had to add “blog” to the end, but I’m okay with that! After I changed the name to something I love, I was much more excited to post! The name really is more significant than you’d think.

    XX M

  37. Irene

    My blog name, F*ck X’s We’re 12’s, include’s a curse word but I find it entirely appropriate considering the lifelong frustration my target audience has gone through trying to find cute shoes in large sizes.

    I’ve gotten nothing but praise on the name and my style of writing which includes well placed profanity– it’s a reflection of me. If a reader met me they would not be shocked at my personality, but would feel like they knew me already. I believe in Authenticity across the board.

    Now for the more conservative, they can simply refer to it as FXW12 which is my handle for everything and how I refer to it on my professional resume.

    Signs of talented writer…Appealing to many without losing oneself!

  38. Lisa // Elembee

    I named my blog “Elembee,” which is my initials spelled out. I figured I could never get tired of my own name, and it obviously would always be a reflection of me, but my name (Lisa Butler) is a bit too common (though, fun fact, there’s a makeup artist by the same name, and I always say I would be one in another life).

    I’d say the most important thing when it comes to naming your blog is making sure a reasonable domain name is available for it β€” and snatch it up immediately. It’s $10, just do it.

  39. LaJune

    my blog name is long but it’s something my target audience can more than likely remember because it’s a spin on a popular clar sisters song.—–>>>>>The song… Blessed and highly favored by the clark sisters

  40. blue roses

    my blog is called “suits and skirts,” which is a metonym from the 1960s for guys and girls, and also for business professionals in middle management. my blog covers lots of topics, and is mostly a medium for me to practice writing, but it covers a lot of funky, stylized professional ware and general tales of corporate foibles and frustrations.

  41. AJ Wears Clothes

    Here’s the thing about my blog name. I think it’s hilarious that it is EXACTLY what the blog is about. AJ Wears Clothes. Because I do. And that’s what the blog is. I don’t know why it tickles me so much, but I feel like you know exactly what you’re getting and that’s why it’s funny.

    I have started and quit countless fashion blogs before this one because I couldn’t find a great name that compelled me to continue. I feel like the “something AND something else” name is a little tired, though. I was 10 seconds away from naming my blog “Lipstick and a half-eaten sandwich” but I changed it last minute (kidding, of course, although that actually sounds kind of killer too)

  42. Erin @ Loop Looks

    I played around with many different names and asked my friends. I wanted my blog to reflect that I’m dressing for a job in downtown Chicago (aka The Loop). I also happen to love alliteration so Loop Looks was born! Of course, not every outside of Chicago knows that downtown is called The Loop but I still think it works.

  43. Rachel

    The Year of Slow Fashion

    seems pretty self-describable. I challenged myself to live the ‘slow fashion’ movement for a year and post it EVERY DAY. i kjnow i want to continue after I am done with one year and am kickin around the idea of a name change. It definitely makes it so i cannot get deals with many ppl well but i don’t really want that yet if anything i want to appeal to the Slow Fashion industry!! And i know its too long but i love my acronym YOSF πŸ˜€

  44. Mariliis

    my blogs name is “Let her speak” and it came from my friends always wanting fashion advice from me. So one time we were at a party and people were asking me questions, but all this mumbeling and people over-talking each other got to a point when one of my friends just stood up and said SHHH!!! LET HER SPEAK! and thats how my blog was born πŸ™‚

  45. Katie

    My blog name is glamourdistrict, and I actually considered changing it…do you guys think its a good name?

  46. Abby

    One Stiletto At a Time. A little long but it describes myself and my blog just taking life one stiletto at a time!

  47. Katy

    I love reading everyone’s blog naming stories! I’m not sure how I came up with “Floral Mess” but it just seems to suit my personality, my style and my love for strangely pretty things perfectly. I haven’t seen anyone with a similar blog name either, which is a bonus.

    ~ Katy

  48. Vanessa

    I named my lifestyle blog to reflect my move to the Big Apple (NYC!). I have always been a city girl at heart and think NYC is simply a chic, trendy place to live and experience life as a young adult. So my blog name ChicCityLife came to life!


  49. Hayla

    I named my blog Hayla With Love because I was planning on writing about my work experiences and personal thoughts along with fashion, therefore, I wanted my name to be mentioned. As for “With Love”, I chose it because it is the typical way girls end their messages to close friends and I wanted to have that sort of friendship with my readers!

  50. Julie D.

    I had a really hard time coming up with a name for my blog. But then one day it came to me while I was commuting to work. I’m greatly impacted by the city I live in & love to no end– NYC. So I thought of “Hudson East”– after the two rivers surrounding Manhattan.

  51. mo handahu

    I named my site Lion Hunter because that is what my last name means. I love this because it not only reflects who I am but also what my aim is for my site, to “gather a majestic narrative”. I share my personal style, my life and anything that I find that has a majestic quality to it, be in closets, food, art, written work, people, music etc.

  52. Nina

    I had a hard time coming up with a name for my blog. At first it was Fancy Beast, based on a little doodle I drew of a little monster wearing a bowtie, monocle, and bowler hat, but once I switched blogging platforms I came of up with Le Fancy Geek — I love fashion and geek culture, and I found that I often incorporate accessories or articles of clothing inspired by the things I nerd out about into my outfits. And I used “Le” instead of “The” because I’m always on Tumblr and noticed that people would say “le sigh” or “le boyfriend” so I thought it would sound more fun and less boring. I think Le Fancy Geek suits me quite well πŸ™‚

    <3, Nina

  53. Austen

    I took the longest time to finally settle on my blog, Keep Calm and Chiffon. But the name is fun, memorable, contains a phrase that lots of people are in to right now and includes my favorite type of fabric!

  54. Travelle McFarland

    Oh, the joy of naming the blog. This is probably what I thought about the most while beginning my blog. I wanted to ensure that it was a simple name but represented me. I decided on Primary Colors. It came to me from my love of artist Roy Lictenstein and his ability to create work that has become iconic pop art with the heavy use of colors red, yellow, and blue. The use of hard clean lines is another aspect that attracts me to his work and it feeds into my love of his somewhat color blocking aesthetic. After settling on the name I did run into some road blocks in terms of finding a URL that was suitable considering that the name is somewhat generic, which is why I layed at I feel that with a lot of hardwork and determination in terms of SEO, I can make Primary Colors work.

  55. Victoria

    I really love this topic & reading everyones naming processes! I have really been meaning to go into detail on my blog about it because I realize that my blog name: Forever Fashionably Late my not exactly be saying great things about me. I mean some people are always saying how being even fashionably late is extremely rude and everything (never to me on my blog, just in general), but to be honest, running late is seriously the story of my life. It’s my biggest vice. I’m not usually ever actually late to important things, it’s just that I’m constantly struggling with keeping time, which I happen to have a horrible relationship with. To me an hour feels like 10 minutes and I always find myself having to hurry to do everything. And I’m not really a fan of hurrying. I suck at it. I like to take my time and do things the way I feel is right. Plus, being a perfectionist doesn’t exactly help save me any time either. I do always try to get better with it though… and I’ve gotten pretty awesome at being able to go from a hot mess to not-too-shabby & out the door in 15 minutes if absolutely necessary.

    I’d like to post something (maybe in an about me?) about this & maybe some tips or something… but I haven’t figured out what exactly I want to say/why/how. One thing I know for sure is that my blog name fits the real me and people can take it or leave it. : )


  56. Cassy Fry

    I named mine Living a Girl’s Adventure Tale inspired by an A-Ha song that I love called Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale. Decided on it at the exact same time I decided to blog. It might be a bit too long, but I love it! It also allows me to blog about any of my adventures!

  57. Dylan Leah

    my blog’s name came from a line in a song that i kind of twisted around. I loved the way that the words “plant begonias and orchids in your hair” sounded together and twisted the words in my favor into “orchids in my hair” and there you have it!

  58. Miloveda

    This is a great post, when I started blogging I named my blog after Fashion Ave. in New York but After a lot of thinking I didn’t think it fit me at all so I changed it to “Style Outlaw” and I love it so much.

  59. kibkabe

    I recently renamed my blog Green Gem Glam aka because I liked the alliteration and it represented my blog. Green is for eco-fashion, gem is for being eco-fashionable thru vintage, thrift shop, and recycled fashions, and glam is for looking good and being eco-conscious thru fashion and beauty. I thought it was more effective than my last blog name

  60. Asma from Haute Muslimah

    My blog’s name is Haute Muslimah. I chose it because I’m a Muslim woman (Muslimah) and I love fashion, runway, and couture (haute couture). It’s since evolved into The Haute Muslimah because I do believe that most Muslim women have some “haute” in them!

  61. Dorly Designs

    Very good read. I enjoyed perusing through all the answers and reasons for creativity. Mine is simple: DORLY DESIGNS. My first name is Dorly and the blog features my designs: jewelry, fashion and accessories. My last name was already popular amongst other French designers so I opted against using it.

  62. maddie claire beau

    Little Black Beau
    mine actually just came to me one day… it was the first thing I thought of. I wanted to work around my middle name Beau and I loved the double meaning of bows, which also really represents my feminine style. short and catchy too.

    Maddie x

  63. Fash McQueen

    Mine is called thefashmcqueen and I use fash McQueen for social media. Fash is short for fashion and McQueen has a double meaning, I fancied myself the poor talentless cousin of Alexander McQueen, my fav designer and I fancied myself not queen but the McQueen of fashion. Check it out,

  64. Rose from Stylista Mama

    My blog is called Stylista Mama. My niche is style for motherhood. The background behind the name: I picked up the word stylista after reading a tabloid article about Emma Watson which described her as a ‘stylista’, as she didn’t use a stylist but had the talent and flair to pull together a decent outfit for the red carpet.

    I chose ‘mama’ obviously because I am one and mothers are my target audience. I also chose ‘mama’ over ‘mumma’ (I am from Australia) as I thought it was a better keyword.

    Just a tip: make sure you google your desired name to make sure no one else has anything too similar!

  65. Alessia

    Mine came after a billion failed attempts. I don’t dislike a bit of Hugh Dancy, so when Confessions of a Shopaolic is on I watch it. It hit me once that I could try the blog persona instead of the name, like the girl with the green scarf.
    I look like Karen Gillan, who was the Doctor’s companion in Doctor Who at the time. Amy Pond. She is redhead, I’m blond. Similar style too, and I am a massive DW fan. The blog is about adventures in London’s life more than high end fashion so it metaphorically feels like travelling with the Doctor. A name with a rhyme is easy to stick in mind. I feel like I hit my jackpot.

  66. Kia Love

    After months of trying to create a name, I decided to keep it keep simple and name it “”. It’s sweet and simple and easy to remember.

  67. Tess

    I called my block T-E-S-S, which stands for Taste, Elegance, Sophistication and Style. In my opinion, this name perfectly conveys the message/topic of my blog, as well as serves as a brand. It is short, memorable and very dynamic!

    Stay TESS,
    your Tess! (

  68. Ethan

    I invented a new word for my blog name: sarlakitu!
    I wanted something fresh and new with NO connotations attached to it, that could just mean my blog and/or anything I wanted! It’s short and (hopefully?) memorable.

  69. Lucy Rogers

    I named my blog Lucy Vuitton, as Lucy, well is my name and Lucy Vuitton sounds similar to Louis when pronounced, and said very quickly. It seems to stick in people’s head and is a bit tongue in cheek, and reflects my love of designer fashion.

  70. Happy Brunette

    I named my blog Happy Brunette because it’s short and easy to recall also it’s really who I am πŸ™‚ my blog is not only about fashion, but also decor, lifestyle, food… about all the thing I love and that make me happy so I couldn’t think a better name, and people tend to remember specially about the Brunette part and some of my readers even call me just Nette πŸ™‚ So I would say it works pretty well, at least so it seems β™₯

    Come and visit me at πŸ˜‰

  71. Megan Doyle

    I love my blog name, it represents everything about my blog, but it’s so long!! I took the line from a Cliff Richards song/ the TV show (The Young Ones) because my blog started as a youth style- street fashion at my uni, young designers and students doing cool things. I can’t really imagine it being called anything else, but it is a mouth full! I always get a smile out of the older people I tell because they used to watch the Young Ones when they were my age!

  72. Mocha Daily

    I actually move my blog to a domain, while doing this I am looking for a new blog name. The thing is everybody starts calling me mocha right now. SO I want to keep mocha part but I want to make it more specific and fashion related:) I am open to suggestions:)

  73. Lily

    I was searching for a name until I realise that I always knew it!
    I named my blog All time clas-chic because I am the type of girl who loves fashion and all things classic! So I figured out that this would be a great name and I combined the all time classic with the word chic which we use in fashion and describes perfectly my style πŸ™‚

    xo Lily

  74. Karen Ussene

    I am terrible on thinking and picking a perfect name for a Blog or a nickname… I ended up naming my Blog “Opening My Mind” because I talk a bit about everything I can’t focus on just ONE subject…
    But I might have to buy my domain I think that is what it’s called in order just to appear like because when I created I put “shinigami-u” before the rest of the URL, I can’t remember why…

  75. TK

    I wanted the name Pretty Black, because I feel like there isn’t a lot of media attention focused on regular every day pretty black girls, ladies, women that aren’t super models. It was taken, so I changed it to Pretty Noire. Basically the same thing, but sexier because it’s french lol

  76. Breeanna

    I began my blog as a source of education for who should wear what and why. Based on body shapes and the essential fashion pieces that flatter each feature.

    A Life Among Flowers was created as a play on the image of people. That we’re all beautiful in our own way, much like the diversity of flowers.

    It has kind of evolved since then into a kind of all around educational pieces on the fashion industry, but still incorporates what I came to blog about. The name isn’t really catchy to the fashion crowd as to explaining what it’s all about, but for some reason I really like it.

  77. Tali

    I’m a good illustration for this article. I was hobby-blogging for about 2 years or so under Fetishist’s Notes and loved the name, because it was DIFFERENT. But then this fall I decided to turn my blog from hobby to full-time job and I realized I needed to change the name. The amount of people who thought I’m talking about real fetish (yuck) was growing exponentially. Btw I think this name was also suspicious for Google, not only for people who were looking for fashion.
    So I thought – well.. my life is filled with 2 things – fashion and rock music. In fashion I love shoes the most. Or more precise – high heels. So I named my blog ROCK MY HEELS which is a bit of double meaning, because rock is for rocking the heels but also for me being a rock chick.


  78. MarΓ­a del Pilar

    Bold In Crimson is the name of my blog, because 1.) Crimson and dark reds are my favorite colors 2.) I love the timeless red lipstick and it’s a bold empowering feministic statement that reminds me of the roaring 20s when women began to take control in society 3.) It is a very passionate, bold, and intriguing color which I feel are my personality traits as well. I’m very passionate about life and the things I do.

    There is a more detailed post on the origins of the blog name on my blog.

  79. Lipstick and a White Tee

    I almost accidentally came up with mine after 2 weeks of agonizing with it: a white print tee & lipstick are my favorite things since they make you look fresh instantly, together as well as separately πŸ™‚ –> Lipstick and a White Tee.


  80. Modupe Oloruntoba

    I’ve officially paused, because I’ve changed names 4 times (I think), I moved from blogger to tumblr, but now I’m thinking of moving back again, and since I wasn’t taking it too seriously at the beginning, I never truly settled on what I wanted to blog about – as with everything else in my life, I just wanted to do everything! Fashion Blogging is like medical school – don’t laugh, it is. Surgeon, OB/GYN, or GP, even general practice is a specialty. You’ve got to pick something and work to become good at it. I’m thinking of making my blog about learning to dress up again; I’ve gotten so lazy with it. I’m really tired of the ‘no make up/tees and jeans/sneakers’ look. I’ve also been watching a bit of HIMYM lately, so I thought I might work in Barney’s famed phrases: ‘Wait for it’ and/or Legend – dary. Will let you know how it goes… πŸ™‚

  81. Stefan

    The name of my blog is “SpeedTutorial”. As simple as it sounds I donΒ΄t want to have way to long posts.

    Greetings from germany
    Stefan aka SpeedTutorial

  82. AndreΓ­na

    The name of my blog is The Glambition because the word “Glambition” is a term that people use to define “real beauty” that involves caring about the way you look, but not sticking to perfect image.

    • Adriana

      Hi! I’ve read your blog before, searching for trends and events, I read about last editon of Colombiamoda 2013, I really liked the content! Personally, I think the name is really good and the most important thing is that I remembered it, and there’s where you can tell a blog made an impact on you.
      I’m from PerΓΊ, hope you can read mine sometime πŸ˜‰

  83. Purpleheart

    I named my blog “From my purpleheart”… i’m not really sure why though, but it seems to work. What do you guys think?

  84. sobrina

    I name my Blog: “Sweet With Envy” Be Inspired. because I am a big fan of getting inspiration from almost everything, especially fashion. Now I am a sweet with envy for fashion πŸ™‚ I am so curious to hear what you think about my blog name? I actually bug everyone I know about what they thought about my blog name.

  85. Dia Vale

    Hi! I started my blog in February this year, after receiving a visit from a well-known blogger friend (Camila Coutinho from Garotas Estupidas) in Buenos Aires. I decided to start a blog. With so many bloggers, what came to my mind was: who am I to the rest of the world today? anyone. So, making a joke about it, I decided to put the blog name DIA WHO? (I’m Dia). On the other hand, one of my biggest interests and curiosity is to know WHO is behind the work so interesting. Be fashion, gastronomy, art, etc.. then it works well.

    WHAT YOU REALLY THINK about the name of my blog? > DIA WHO?

  86. Najma

    My Blog name is Modestly chic, and my biggest issue is designing and figuring out the aspects of Blogger. I want to elevate the look of my blog and i don’t know how to do that. Any suggestions? (Html, fonts etc.)

  87. Gull

    I named my blog The Magfique Way because at that time I felt it described what I was about to embark on with perfection, and magnificent and unique way to doing everything in fashion (magfique is an amalgamation of the two words).
    However, the posts above have scared me a little, and I am thinking should I rename it?

  88. Ana and Diana

    Our blog is called Insanely It. First of all, we are two sisters with a bit of healthy insanity in our own way. We have different styles but we also like to mix trends in our everyday style without being the so called fashion victim, and for that we added “it” which is used to describe the object of desire or style of the moment – the it Bag, the it girl, the it anything…!
    Later we discovered there ir a M.A.C. lipstick with the same name… can this be a big no no for our blog?

  89. Sephie Rojas

    My blog’s name used to be “The Little Dreamer”, but I though it to be too long and a little too bland. So I changed it to “Strawberry Bunny” after I realized I was using that as my email since I was in grade school (My favorite fruit + My favorite animal). Coincidentally, my site traffic shot up after I changed blog names. Guess “Strawberry Bunny” is easier to remember since it kinda sounds catchier πŸ™‚


  90. Renee

    Wow I have loved reading about everyone’s experiences in naming their blogs.
    This is something I struggled with and still do. I named mine renees eclectic creations because I am eclectic. I really wanted and still do something different but for some reason I just can’t get past the eclectic. With a gravatar of a butterfly as a face mask.
    Part of the reason is I talk about decorating, faux, photography, sewing, etc.
    I just can’t stay on one topic because I do all of them.
    Now another delima is that a dear friend and are thinking of doing it together with an eCommerce store so I was thinking of doing a re-naming…but once again lost…lolol

  91. The Workette

    Interesting, I named mine “The Workette” probably because I am always working if I am not lounging around, and even when lounging…I am doing some kind of work.
    So far people have thought it to be a clever little name. I agree. No one else has it (i checked)

  92. Loo-Loo

    I was thinking something like Colors in A Cup of Tea for a personal style,lifestyle and book blog.

  93. Hani

    I love this blog post. I tried loads of different blog names like wonder laces to even my own name. so I decided to name it ‘Asianfluence’because I’m an asian. I just recently started my blog with this name. Please check it out! thanks πŸ™‚

  94. Adriana

    Hi, mi blog’s name is “The Ultimate Fashion Statement”
    it was a bit difficult for me to pick up a name for it, and I came up with this one, but I think I need to rename it, because it’s too long, and doesn’t mean much here in my country, where we speak Spanish.
    The positive part is that it can reach people from different countries. However, now I don’t have much time to write in English, which was the plus of my site, and now I use the translate widget on my blog, but I think it turns out cold.
    What do you think Modupe? Hope you can help me!!

  95. Tom

    Very good article, I really liked the advice you have given here. This is now so much important to have a unique yet simple name for users to remember.i would recommend using Dazzle Mind

  96. Elisa Duarte


    I now understand what you mean. I had to change my blog’s name before i got more visits. I’m a plus size model and i start my blog only for curvy women, but then i saw that i have visitors with all types of body, so i change it for a more universal name. It’s in spanish and it means Women’s Expression.

    Hugs From Dominican Republic <3

  97. Torrian Timms

    I love this blog post! I have been trying to get a blog going that marries modest, yet fun lifestyle with personal finance help tips tricks, etc. It’s marketed toward African American women, but I decided I don’t want to limit it to African American woman as the vision is to branch out into a business model. So first, we had ‘black girl frugal world’ which i loved, it was going to be a personal redemption story….but a marketing and advertising friend suggest i rethink it ….so now we are at ‘torrian’s two cents’. After my name and a double entendre of sort…tell me what you think!