How To Deck Out Your Blog & Social Media For The Holidays

Are you one of those people that picks up your holiday decorations the day after Thanksgiving? Do you leave the lights on your porch up until February? Why not translate some of that festive fun to your online life? A temporary visual change up that embraces the season will make you feel cheery and you know what? It's just fun.

How crazy you get with your holiday flair is totally up to you – add a little sparkle or put a wreath around your neck – whatever feels right. This is an especially great time of year to spread a little joy, relax, be silly, and embrace your inner Rudolf.

Here are a few ways you can jazz up your blog and social media for the holiday season:


Update your Twitter / Facebook cover image: My cover photo on Twitter was a photo of a gigantic bloom of hydrangeas from a summer trip to Long Island. So not festive. There are so many different things you could photograph and use for a seasonal cover: holly, snow, twinkling lights, your Christmas tree, department store windows, garlands…

Switch out your avatar photo: Still wearing a summer dress and sunglasses? Change out your photo to one where you're wearing a more seasonal look – or a Santa hat… Maybe just a scarf? Even if your avatar is your logo or not a photo, play around with the color scheme!

Play around with your Twitter background color and fonts: I'm not saying you have to go boldly and obviously holidays with red and green or blue and silver or gold or whatever colors most say “Holidays” to you, but play around with deeper, richer tones.

Update your ad network's banner ads: If you're displaying banner ads from a network like rewardStyle, many advertisers have banners with images that change by the season. If yours are still pretty summer-y, check for updates!

Here's a quick little update I made to my Twitter profile today, for example:

Are you embracing holiday design on your blog or social media?

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9 Responses

  1. Alicia Chew

    this is such a great idea. i’m all about the holidays, and even though i’ve already posted some holiday themed posts, my social media design should be just as festive!


  2. Stephanie

    Because my blogs banner is simple, I was thinking of updating it by adding something cute, like a santa hat, on it (right on top of the illustration!).

    And from this thought stemmed the idea of me doing something cute like this for every holiday. Kind of like Google’s method of changing their logo per holiday.

    That’s definitely a challenge that I plan on taking!

    Steph, Chocolate Laced

  3. Andreea

    That is a very good idea, personalizing Facebook and twitter, even the website for a Christmas-y look.

    Thank you very much for the tip