IFB Project #73: Show Off Your Holiday Party Style

Do you hear that? It's the sound of a thousand little, tiny stiletto heels, click-clacking on the pavement, flighting and lighting from holiday party to holiday party. It's that time of the year again – and we want to see what you'll be wearing. Will you don a menswear-inspired le smoking (tuxedo) or an ultra-feminine and glittery frock? Do you keep it casual but festive in denim and plaid? Whatever kinds of occasions are on your calendar in the coming weeks, it's perfect fodder for a timely blog post.

Create a blog post that showcases your holiday style, and share the link below. We will select our 10 favorite posts (as usual) and share them here on Wednesday, December 5th. Submissions are due by midnight on December 4th, please!



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  1. ChasingSheila

    With 25 minutes to spare, my entry is in! I opted for “day to evening” transformation for the several office holiday parties that we are invited to.