Jessie Artigue Takes Bloggers’ Lifestyle Tips Offline with Pepperologie

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Last week, Jessie Artigue of Style & Pepper shared with us how she went about creating a dynamic business idea from her blog. Over the weekend I attended the fruition of her idea, Pepperologie: A Five-course Study of Style, the workshop Jessie created that took a lot of inspiration from her blog. The goal of the day was to help attendees add a little bit of style to all aspects of their lives, and become the best versions of themselves.


The blog is just one aspect of Jessie's business – she is a wardrobe stylist and creative consultant on a variety of subjects from fashion forecasting to visual merchandising. Pepperologie is the latest extension of her self-made career.

She brought together a small group of women to help instruct each mini-workshop on the topics of personal style, DIY, health and fitness, hair and make-up and entertaining. Each woman runs a blog of her own, and her “course” meant to bring that online content to life. Grace Atwood lead the DIY workshop, Donna Kim covered hair and make-up and Roxy Owens lead the entertaining portion. (Jessie discussed personal style as well as health and fitness.)

Having experience planning the IFB conference, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to execute even the smallest of details around an event. What was amazing about Pepperologie was how well Jessie and her team were able to translate her online vision into a room, a day and a learning experience.

A videographer, photographer, professional lighting, floral arrangements, music, notes and handouts, meals, and an intimate setting – it was details like these that gave Pepperologie a professional and personal feel.

I came away from the day's experience feeling inspired on a personal level, but also feeling very hopeful and excited about the potential that I saw for the blogging community. Taking an online experience offline can open up your brand to a whole new audience, and maybe create a whole new aspect to your entrepreneurial ventures. No matter what topic you cover on your blog, there's a way that you could marry that content with your natural skill set and create an event, a service, a workshop a pop-up shop – you name it.
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  1. Chaucee from Streets and Stripes

    This year for Streets & Stripes I want to start building S&S community offline as well. I want it to become something tangible, and not just something you need a wifi hookup for.