Oprah is to Martha What Facebook is to Pinterest?

Doesn't it sometimes feel like the millennial generation doesn't even know what the term “overshare” means?

According to an interesting article from The Cut last week, it seems like maybe – we do. In “Why Do Millenials Love Martha But Not Oprah,” Kat Stoeffel contrasts 90s media moguls Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart (who were both recently profiled in The New York Times), and shows that while Stewart has been able to transcend the generation gap – Winfrey is struggling.

The article explores how much of what made Stewart appealing from the beginning – cooking, crafting, and home decor – has renewed appeal to 20 and 30-somethings in a post-recession economy (especially entrepreneurial bloggers like us!). Meanwhile, Winfrey's embrace of full disclosure isn't working because, well, there's just too much sharing going on already.

We couldn't help but think of a similar parallel we've noticed in social media: Facebook and Pinterest.

It seems like the generation that basically made Facebook – with our superfluous status updates and numerous photo albums – might be the first to be “over” it, and many of us have exalted  the less personal curation hub of Pinterest in it's stead.

Is curation the new sharing? Or, will Facebook adapt and outlast in a way that Oprah Winfrey may not be able to?

Is Facebook the Oprah Winfrey of social media, and Pinterest the Martha Stewart?

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3 Responses

  1. MonicaP

    Sure, I like Pinterest. I like looking at pictures, but I also like reading updates on the people I follow on Facebook. I’m not sure one can replace the other .. they are very different platforms.


  2. Slim Paley

    Not sure about the social platform throw-down between Martha and Oprah, FB & Pinterest, but who’d have thought The Pope would ever be on Twitter??!
    Hoping he’ll open an Instagram account next so we’ll see him in his Pope jammies and stuff.

  3. Donna

    I suspect that I’m older than the “millenials”, which may be why I love Oprah and have never liked Martha. On the other hand, I love Pinterest, but I’m losing interest in Facebook. I’ve never compared the two before, because like Monica said, they’re so different. On Facebook many people that I know aren’t posting info about themselves much, they’re passing on pictures, cartoons and quotes that someone else posts. Pinterest seems to have more art-quality photos, which I prefer. So that’s my 2 cents. 🙂