The Biggest Tech & Social Media Moments of 2012 For Bloggers


Sorry to disappoint you, but this isn't the kind of round-up where we exalt that time Miley Cyrus cut off all her hair and posted it on Twitter. And you know, we didn't think the release of the iPhone 5 was truly that revolutionary. In fact, was it just us – or was this sort of a ho-hum year in tech?

Here, we review some of the tech moments and improvements that most impacted the world of bloggers in 2012:


Facebook purchased the app for $1 billion. Whether you think the buy affected the app for worse or for better, this was undoubtedly one of the biggest moments in tech this year. Also, we now have, where you can view profiles and photos of your favorite social photographers (including you) right from the web. Plus, the revolving images in your “cover” photo are pretty cool.


Did Twitter evolve that much this year? Our profile pages got a make over and the mobile app got a nice facelift but, isn't that about it? Oh, and you can now view videos and images in your feed – which is admittedly, pretty nice. One of the better things that happened? Freshly re-elected President Obama had the most re-tweeted tweet of all time. Regardless of political stance, aren't you just glad it's not Justin Bieber anymore?


Pinterest has been on quite a roll this year, hasn't it? We think the best innovation to happen on the social curation and discovery site was the addition of private boards – perfect for secret obsessions and gift-giving plans. We'll give an honorary mention to the addition of board cover images, which can give your account page a more professional and cohesive look.


We think The Lytro Light Field Camera was probably the coolest camera to come out in 2012 (it allows you to focus and refocus images after they've been taken). But the one that could prove to be the most useful to bloggers? The Samsung Galaxy Camera – photos can be edited and upload directly to the web or social media from the device.

All those tablets

This was really the year of the tablet, wasn't it? There were so many new models and upgrades, it was hard to keep track. Most notably? The “new iPad” with it's retina display and forward-facing camera, as well as the “iPad mini” both came out this year to much fan fair. Google also released it's own tablet, the Nexus 7, as did Microsoft with Surface and it's convenient case-meets-keyboard feature.


Though it didn't go so well for investors, Facebook's IPO was a big deal in 2012, as was the impressive achievement of hitting 1 billion users (even if many of them are fake accounts). As a reminder, we've now had personal Timeline as a feature for almost a year – it went live in 2011. Pages got their own timelines in February of 2012.


It seems like we should have a whole lot to look forward to in 2013 – that is, if you don't believe in the Mayan calendar, which stops on December 21, 2012.

What tech innovations and improvements do you want to see in 2013?

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