Recycle Your Clothes for Discounts at H&M

Being a personal style blogger, sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the pressure to have the next new thing, and have something new to share with your readers. That habit can be dangerous if left unbridled, both to your bank account and to the environment. H&M has come up with a solution, or at least a step towards solutions by setting up I:Collect stations at H&M stores starting February 2013.


The first retailer to launch this clothing collective initiative, H&M is asking consumers to bring in their used clothes to an H&M shop, and, in return, the consumer will receive a discount on a future purchase. H&M's partner company, I:Collect, will recycle the collected clothes and create new garments with them. According to H&M, as much as 95 percent of these clothes could be used again; re-worn, reused or recycled. Think of all the new clothes that could be made by last year's trendy items.

The popular retailer's CEO Karl-Johan Persson says,

Our sustainability efforts are rooted in a dedication to social and environmental responsibility. We want to do good for the environment, which is why we are now offering our customers a convenient solution: to be able to leave their worn out or defective garments with H&M.

I:Collect bins will be in-stores starting February 2013 all around the world.


Photo via H&M

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  1. Jarrod King

    I love the idea! It will be interesting to see how good the discount is. That will ultimately determine whether I take my used clothes down to the mall to H&M or just around the corner to the goodwill store like I do now.

  2. arash_mazinani

    I think this is a great idea for basics that are maybe past their sell by date. Anything that’s unique though I’d be more likely to give it to a charity shop. Okay I don’t get something in return but the item gets a new owner.

    It will also be interesting to see what sort of discounts you get and whether it catches on with other stores.

  3. Akaleistar

    This sounds like a great idea! But, I wonder if the discount will be worth it or if the better option will be to either resell or donate clothes to a charity shop…

  4. Hannah Mattocks

    This idea is really great! Plus, H&M is one of my favourite shops, therefore a discount for bringing in clothes seems amazing! I am constantly changing my outfits and style so being able to buy new clothes without breaking the bank is perfect for people like me.

  5. Kalyca Romeo

    Oh my, I was just putting together bins of clothes I’m going to sell on ebay and other fashion reselling sites to get ready for new must-haves in Spring. H&M will be a perfect place to give some of my clothes to! Added to the list.

  6. Leigh

    Looks like a lot of companies are getting on the sustainability bandwagon. CoutureSqd ( is also “recycling” clothes via renting, but for all kinds of designers. Underlying concept is the same though, where you don’t have to endanger your bank account or kill the environment because you reuse clothes.

  7. Angela Swan

    “Now this looks exciting! Ever wondered what it would be to trade your used clothes for discounts on fresh ones? Yes, you heard it! Spread the word on Social Number to become the latest anonymous celeb. Have fun!

  8. Sarah

    This sounds like a good idea but I do always give me old clothes to charity… something which I think does so much good as everything I give away is easily sold and in good condition (I just can not be bothered to do the whole ebay thing).

    H&M also don’t have that great quality clothing… so making new clothes out of peoples used ones? Not convinced… I think it would work better to give them to charity personally.

    Sarah x

    • TheFashionistachic

      I don’t think you understand my dear. The idea is to recycle and you earn discounts to future purchase. Although, if you want to donate your clothes that you choice. I have worked with non-profit organizations. You would be amazed at the amount of donations these organizations receive. Not trying to deter you for donating your clothes. I just don’t think you understand the principal behind the post.

  9. Ais

    I give my old clothes to charity and red cross, I think I’ll probably continue to do that rather than taking advantage of this H&M offer. I’d like the discount on future purchases, but I think I’d feel badly if I suddenly stopped donating my older stuff.

  10. ahhhsoneo

    I love this idea. I currently like to donate my old clothes to charity, or to do a swap with friends, but the discount is going to make this very tempting and I can see people doing both. The whole recycle angle reminds me a little of the Back to MAC program.

  11. Michelle A.

    Such a wonderful idea. After taking a class on sustainability, I realize the impact that the fashion and retail industry have on the environment. With new clothes coming out every season, it makes you wonder what happens to all those old clothes we don’t wear anymore. H&M is such a huge retailer and I feel like this initiative will truly make a difference. I am glad that H&M is realizing the huge role they can play in the area of sustainability.


  12. Cassie Damewood

    Great concept but I’m unclear on what recycling means in this context. Are the clothes merely donated to charitable organizations or are some where the fabrics are in poorer condition actually physically recycled and made into new clothes? Or maybe made into quilts or patchwork pillows? I also agree with others that the discounts on future purchases would have to be given on a sliding scale depending on the quality and quantity of the donations.

  13. Peet

    That’s one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time. But they had to do something after the chemicals incident, right?

  14. AprylJane

    Though it’s in the realm of fast fashion I totally applaud H&M for being “eco” fashion forward with this campaign! Plus I’m a big DIY’er so the idea that old clothes getting remixed into new and fresh is super appealing 😀 I’ve set my calendar and will totally check it out in my home town – maybe the roads will be clear enough for me to bike it ala #cyclechic 😉