Your Daily Dose of Inspiration: “Life Goes On”

Behind every fantastic fashion blogger is a person who faces struggles and trials each day.


But the super successful don't allow those trials to bring them down. They find a much needed dose of inspiration and keep pushing through, which brings us to IFB's new feature. Our Wise Words Pinterest board is a major hit, garnering more fans and repins each day and so we thought, why not bring those Wise Words over here to share with you all. Every morning when you're dragging your feet to work or feeling down, these daily posts will act as a helpful reminder to pick yourself up, swipe on a bold hue of lipstick and get on out there.

Robert Frost

For all the quotes and thoughts on life, this one struck a major chord with me today. Yes, life is hard and full of challenges and drama. But the beauty of life is that it goes on. Life doesn't stop for your mistake or heartbreak. Instead, it encourages you to keep going. I think that we can all remind ourselves of this a little more so as not to dwell on the small stuff that just leaves us frustrated and overly stressed.


Source // For more inspiration, browse through our Wise Words pinboard.

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