A New Way To Find Blogging Peers: Google+ Introduces “Communities”

For many new bloggers, we sort of bypassed the era when forums, groups and message boards were the primary way that people started discussions online. Much of our chatter now happens on Twitter, but forum-type platforms are still a great way to communicate with like-minded people (we have our own, here). Even with social media, forums are becoming and increasingly powerful way to find honest, organic conversations that outlive the lifespan of a twitter feed.

So what's a Google+ Community? It's not a blog, and it's not a profile page – it's a place where like-minded people can gather and post links and content and discuss relevant topics. You can set up a community, and within it, sub-topics that address different things. For example, if you start a “Personal Style Blogging in Michigan” Community, you could have sub-topics where other bloggers could share their posts, a sub-topic for events, one for inspirations, etc. (This concept is most similar to sharing things within your Google+ circles, but on a broader scale.)

Why should bloggers care?

We think this is a pretty freshly inovative step for Google+, one that may bring new and more engaged users to the platform. For bloggers, it could be an easy and smart way to find blogging peers – whether they're local to you or just interested in similar topics and hobbies.

TechCrunch mentions that users will have options when setting up Communities; you'll be able to make them “public, public with membership required to interact, private but discoverable, and private but not discoverable or indexed.”

*Read more about Google+ communities on TechCrunch.


Do you think Google+ Communities sounds like a good way to intereact with fashion and blogging peers? Would you try it?

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5 Responses

  1. Donna

    I saw a Twitter post last night from a blogger who loves the Google+ Communities. It sounds similar to Groups on Facebook, which I tried but it didn’t go anywhere. But I’m always curious about new things, so I’ll def join some. Hopefully it won’t be like Gather, which I always forget that I’m a member of!

  2. Arash Mazinani

    Google+ I feel is going to be the next big thing. Yesterday I read an article that was explaining it has the same number of activations per day that Facebook did when it was of a similar size, which suggests it’s starting to take off.
    Google are also really pushing G+ integrating into their Play store for reviews and one of the biggest things Google authorship which could/does potentially impact search results, again, you need a Google + account for it to work.

    I also think the hangout feature of Google + is pretty awesome. Imagine having a scheduled chat amongst other bloggers where you could share things via video. I think that’s pretty cool.

    I’d be interested to see how this takes off, I’ve already seen one blogger set up a community page.

  3. Ashley Walton

    I enjoy google +, so i am very excited to see what the communities will be all about. Maybe i will find some blogs similar to mine while also gaining followers.