Your Daily Dose of Inspiration: Surround Yourself With People Who Know Your Greatness



Make sure your blogging crew knows how fantastic you are.


I mean, is this NOT the most perfect quote? Especially with your holiday social calendar filling up? It's like this: You are an amazing, adorable human being. And if your friends/coworkers/boyfriends/girlfriends/crush doesn't get that? On to the next one. Don't ever let anyone feel bad for being yourself. Who you are and what you do makes you unique.


You do you, ok?


Source // For more inspiration, browse through our Wise Words pinboard.

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5 Responses

  1. Lauren

    You have no idea how much I needed to see this today..
    It just turned my morning around completely. Thank you<3

  2. Sarah-louise

    Absolutely love this quote! I’m definitely trying to live by this train of thought. This is exactly why I read IFB – because this bring us content like this (as well as all the other helpful tutorials and design info) that is empowering and makes us feel good 🙂 *Be yourself*