Which Social-Video Brands Were The Most Shared in 2012?


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Which brand's social videos were the most shared in 2012?


According to Mashable, Google was the leading brand in social video sharing, with their Project Glass video pushing it to the top.

In addition to Google, brands like Nike, TNT, DC Shoes, Red Bull and more all made 2012 the year of social video sharing, with each brand receiving ay least 2 million shares for their social video campaign. Overall, video sharing in social media increased 67% this year, thanks to better video streams and the increase usage of tablets says Unruly.


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Sharing videos throughout my workday has become pretty common. Whether I'm on my computer at work or scrolling through my iPad while commuting, not a day goes by without me sending or receiving a video that makes me want to cry/sob/shout (sometimes, all at the same time). However, not all social videos are created equal.

Which brand videos were the most memorable and why? Let's talk a walk down video-memory lane, shall we?

  • Google: Project Glass's video gave the viewer the ultimate “behind the wheel” feel. It was if you were living in this video, thanks to the first-hand video and the Google features that would pop up.
  • Coca Cola: When we think of Coca Cola, we immediately think of the holidays. Remember the polar bear and the soda bottle? It's still one of our favorites because it is not only adorable but also tugs at your heart string. This year's holiday videos all do the same (although we do miss our polar bear.)
  • P & G: Who didn't watch the brand's “Thank You, Mom” videos during the Olympics and immediately send it to their friends, sobbing?! Oh wait, just us…
  • Nike: So much inspiration in Nike's videos, it's no wonder they are super powerful. They leave you inspired, invigorated and powerful. After watching the various videos in the Nike channel, we feel the need to ditch our computers, strap on our running shoes and go. Wait, that's the point right?
What videos did you get excited about and share with friends in 2012? Below is Project Glass by the Google team, which gives you an up-close-and-personal look at the software.



Image by Unruly via Mashable

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