4 Easy Ways To Brand Your Instagram Account


Sometimes it's easy to forget that our social media channels are more than just a portal of communication. They are part of the foundation that our blog's brand is built upon. “Branding” doesn't have to be the stuffy business term it can initially come across as – it's about applying a little bit of strategy to presenting your best self on the Internets. Consistency goes a long way in selling your blog, keeping your readers engaged and looking extra dazzling for potential partnerships.

Did you know you can apply branding tactics to your Instagram account? No? Here are 4 easy ways!

Your Profile Bio:

I know it can be tempting to fill your bio with cute emojis of hearts and animals, but for branding purposes, it's best to stick to a quick, punchy and informative blurb in actual words. We've given tips on creating a great social media bio before, and our formula for success includes who you are, what you do and a dash of personality. Have fun, be silly, and channel that spark that makes your blog special into your short bio. Another important detail? Your blog URL!

Consistency in Your Avatars:

This is the easiest branding tip on the list! To keep a consistent presence across your social media channels, why not use the same avatar image for your Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram? Your new readers and followers will know they've found the right person as they start looking to follow you across multiple platforms.

Limit Your Filters:

Before you say, “But that's no fun!” hear me out. By now, you've probably tried just about every filter (except Kelvin, maybe) and have some personal favorites. It could become “your thing” to stick to a certain aesthetic in your photos. That could mean layering multiple effects (bokeh lights in PixFx + amaro = win!) or making all your photos black and white. This technique might not appeal to everyone, but if you're a bit of a traditionalist, why not give it a try?

Create a Signature Photo:

We all take mirror shots of our outfits (don't we?) and dreamy sunset photos when we're on vacation. Think about how you could turn a photo you take often into one that's so uniquely you. Maybe you have a cool vintage-framed mirror that makes your shoes look amazing. Maybe your block has a great view that looks just as cool as the light changes throughout the day. You could become “known” for a specific photo that totally encapsulates your personality, your style or where you live, and that helps establish your brand.

Have you employed any of these branding techniques on your Instagram account?


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19 Responses

  1. Alicia Chew

    I haven’t thought too much about branding via Instagram, but this article brings up some great points! Also, this makes me feel better for using pretty much the same 5 filters over and over haha.

  2. nicole | teacups + B cups

    True – nobody likes Kelvin. And I love the signature photo idea.

    The first thing I did was put my URL in my bio. I also created a location using my URL (teacupsandbcups.com), so every time I take a picture of an jeweled arm party or a giant tea mug, people see my blog name. But if I’m somewhere worth mentioning (like the Space Needle or my favorite bakery), I’ll use the actual location.

    Find me on Instagram @SweetLikeVandy.

  3. Margo

    Great tips! I haven’t employed any of these tips on my Instagram, but I do like the idea of using a consistent avatar on all of my social media sites.

  4. Sarah

    I use to just use one filter to brand my Instagram account but I decided against it recently. I dunno why… I think maybe because my filter was too summery? And when I first got instagram I was so much better at it when I experimented with it more.

    You can find me at instagram.com/sarahlovesblog btw 🙂

    Sarah x

  5. Jenn Staz

    Now that Instagram has a different API, is PicFX still compatible with Instagram? Is it worth the $2? (Ok, I realized that’s a silly question once I typed the $2… but still… I have wasting app real estate on bad apps.)

  6. Aleysha Proctor

    Great information, as always!

    I totally agree, and especially to having the same avatar on different social media sites. It’s a must for consistent branding.

    Thank you,

  7. Anastasia Goenawan

    from those 4 steps, i only do the second step, LOL..i usually change all my socmed avatar in the same day so people will know that the socmed account is me. 🙂

    as for the bio, i tried my best to change it in a way to describe me better..:)

  8. Travelle McFarland

    I would have never thought of the last part. It makes total sense however. For instance, blogger Aimee Song of Song of Style, and how she often incorporates her ‘arm swag’ into overhead photos of her meals.

    I’m definitely gonna’ have to ponder this one some more…

  9. Tiffy Diamond

    I will say having the same avatar across all networks, though not as fun is so helpful to people trying to follow you. Also, think about times you’ve seen people follow you that you don’t recognize and then later realize it’s a friend from another network using a different avatar. I think that’s a great thing to do.


  10. Venessa - My Accidental Twist

    I had never considered branding my instagram till I stumbled upon this page. It’s a brilliant idea – I’ve included my blog link in my instagram-bio, and use the same avatar there and my blogger. It’s a start, I suppose!

  11. Zayn

    Hey! I found these so interesting and helpful – I used to have an instagram account which had 1.4k which got deleted – and now in 3 weeks I’ve got 700 followers. 😀 I follow all fashion blogs back so if you’re a fashion blogger follow me on @zaynalqahtani <3 !