8 WordPress Hosting and Installation Services for a Fashion Blogger

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Getting set up on WordPress is supposed to be easy, right? That's what everyone says. They even have their self-proclaimed 5-minute installation. But for some, it isn't as easy as it appears. I'm sure with a little time and research, a fashion blogger could troubleshoot the installation and figure it out, but let's be honest. What fashion blogger has a free workday (or weekend) to spend setting up her blog on WordPress?


Thankfully, these 8 WordPress services and resources will help every fashion blogger get started. From installation to transferring information to management, these 10 services are IFB-approved!


BlueHost: Hosting service that offers auto-installation with WordPress. Your WordPress blog can be up and running within 24 hours. Minimal effort for you and affordable priced at $6.95 per month. Also, they have a live chat service that is super helpful if you are having any trouble. Hello 24/ support!

Media Temple:  Like the others, Media Temple offers one-click installation however this is for the more experienced blogger. If you are looking for more help and control over your blog's back-end, this is your pick. More expensive with plans starting at $20 per month but you get more help with traffic surges and blog storage.

Go Daddy: One of the most popular web hosting services, Go Daddy offers one-click installation for WordPress users and a variety of pricing plans that can fit every fashion blogger's needs.  Pricing plans range from $4.24 to $8.49 per month. Good choice if you are already using Go Daddy for other blogging services like domain registration, hosting or storage.

Laughing Squid: They don't offer one-click installation but they have very specific, easy-to-follow installation instructions. Definitely for the more experienced blogger who has some knowledge of FTP and databases. Pricing ranges from $3 to $14 a month.

Dreamhost: They offer one-click installation and are a preferred partner of WordPress. Pricing starts at $6.95 per month but take advantage of their two-week free trial to see if it fits your needs.

WP Web Host: One of the more WordPress-optimized servers, WP Web Host was basically built for WordPress users. It has a one-click auto installer that makes installation a breeze.

IFB: Not to toot our own horn but we have a few guides for you if you are making the WordPress transfer or thinking about switching platforms.

ProBlogger: Ok, this isn't exactly a service but ProBlogger has a breakdown of how to move or transfer your WordPress blog. Not for the novice blogger but worth giving a read-through!

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9 Responses

  1. Jason McVearry

    Thanks for the mention! We’re totally focused on delivering an exceptional experience at Media Temple.hate to Spam this thread with product talk, but we plan on expanding our Otto services suite in 2013 allowing you to focus on your idea, not your hosting. http://mediatemple.net/otto/

    Jason McVearry
    Editor in Chief
    Media Temple

  2. Katie {Pearls and Twirls}

    I use bluehost and it was just as you said, quick and easy! I even had a few questions about the installation, called them up (around midnight) and they walked me right through the process! Quick, easy and great service!

  3. Chris

    I would also add WPEngine to that list as a host who can guarantee speed and uptime. They only host WordPress sites so are perfectly setup to handle the job (you do pay a little more for it).

    As for godaddy well I’ve only ever had a bad experience with them and generally advise bloggers to opt for an alternative.

  4. Tom

    Thank you for the tips… AM thinking of using WordPress for a client so found this post very useful.. 🙂

  5. Marko Saric

    That’s a good list of hosts!

    What new bloggers normally don’t expect is them needing to get a domain name and a hosting account before they can do the 5-minute installation. That is what takes majority of time normally. When you do have hosting and domain ready, it is pretty simple to setup WordPress itself and start blogging.

  6. Kimberly

    Ugh, GoDaddy is the worst. Sorry I can’t take anyone seriously who recommends them, it’s for the technically unsavvy. 1and1 is much better, namecheap.com is good too, hostgator is a great host.