Robert Verdi Picks Great Gifts for Fashion Bloggers

Robert Verdi in Action I've heard stories about Robert Verdi‘s legendary gifting suites, but have never been to one, until after being stalked on Twitter, was invited to his 4th annual “Tweet This” Holiday Gift Guide. Seriously, it was like going to one of Oprah's shows where she gives everyone a car. Except, living in New York, we don't have space or money to keep a car, so we were given gift ideas (gifts) instead.

To tell the truth when it comes to the holidays, I do love geeky gifts. Last year I seriously asked for sonic toothbrushes, the year before, a clothes steamer things I really love and can use. When it comes to blogging, any gadget I may not fork out the money for ends up on my wishlist. Luckily these days gadgets are getting more chic, and here are three picks from the Robert Verdi event which really stood out as winners for bloggers heading into 2013.

Three Great Gifts for Bloggers

There are three things I always need on the go, a great smart phone, chic headphones and if I expect to get anything done with my iPad, a standalone keyboard. They have to be sturdy, flexible and of course look great no matter what. Luckily the days are gone where gadgets look like they were designed by the same people who designed men's disposable razors.


The Windows Phone 8X by HTC

Not since the HTC Black Diamond Windows phone have I been so impressed by a phone design, and the Windows Phone 8x by HTC is impressive. HTC has done quite a few fun phone designs this year (the Cushnie et Ochs collaboration during fashion week) but this phone is simpler, more graphic and I love the details like the curve of edge of the glass and the soft texture of the outer shell. If you are a Windows phone user, then this is a great time to upgrade as the new dual core processor makes for a faster phone than older models. This phone comes in several colors, blue, yellow, red and black so take your pick!

Bluetooth Silicone Keyboard for iPad

Many years ago, I heard about a keyboard you could roll up, and surprisingly, it wasn't until just now that I've actually seen one in real life. This Bluetooth Silicone Keyboard will fit in your handbag along with your iPad, so if you're blogging on the go this will help you type through those posts. This will be great for Fashion Week when you're posting in real time and don't want to walk around with a rolling suitcase instead of your favorite handbag. This also comes in array of colors, green, pink, black and blue!

Urbanears Zinken Headphones

If I don't have headphones, I feel naked on the internet. Seriously, how are you going to have those Skype calls, or watch those hilarious cat videos? Or maybe even Brad Pitt being utlra serious for Chanel? Even just a few years ago, headphones targeted to women often included pink and fake diamonds. Yuck. I recently purchased a pair of incase red headphones and love them so much, and these Urbanears Zinken headphones will do the trick for those who want to look chic while listening to music. The Urbanears headphones are DJ style and collapsible to again fit in your bag, if you're often sharing with a friend, the headphones have an additional jack they can plug into. Great for traveling and watching movies together on the iPad.


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