Why the Battle Between Instagram and Twitter Matters For Bloggers



By now, you've probably heard that your Instagram images aren't being displayed at all on your Twitter feed, a move that sparked many to wonder what was going on behind the two social media giants. According to Twitter's blog, Instagram disabled Twitter's ability to properly display these images in Twitter's feed.

The integration between Instagram and Twitter was a fashion blogger's dream, as users were able to spotlight Instagrams on their Twitter feed, connecting both platform's communities and helping blogger's share their outfit posts and other social happenings. While many are speculating about they this is happening (oh hi, Mark Zuckerberg), the main issue at hand is: what does this mean for fashion bloggers? What can you do while Instagram and Twitter battle it out?

1. It means that your fans will have to click on the Instagram link to view the photo. Not awful, by any means. But the more steps, the less likely a click will happen.

2. You'll have to make your Instagram captions more enticing. To get that user to click on your Instagram link, the caption must be jazzy, interesting and relevant to the user. Rethink your caption strategy with our handy guide.

3. You're going to have to work a little harder to grow your Instagram community. Sharing your fun photos with your Twitter followers was an easy way to gain new fans but now, it's possible that you won't be acquiring as many followers as before. That means sharing your Instagram handle more, posting your Instagrams on your blog are all smart strategies for you.

4. You can start promoting your Instagram profile page more. Since users won't be able to view your images directly in their news feed, why not promote your Instagram profile page as the easiest, most direct way to follow your Instagrams while at work or on your computer. Way to make the Instagram profile page work for you.

5. You can integrate your Instagrams more into your blogging content. Before, if you posted your Instagrams on your blog, your readers would be bored. You've already shared it on Instagram, Twitter and now your blog too? Too much. But now, go on and share. Just do it in moderation and only share the most interesting photos.

6. You'll be using Facebook more to show your Instagrams. What is Twitter's lose is really Facebook's gain. If you can't display photos on Twitter, might as well use Facebook to share photos. To do this, you can manually upload Instagrams to your Timeline or automatically sync up your Instagram account to your Facebook so all your Instagram activity will show up on your Timeline and News Feed.

twitter filter

The good news to this current social-media issue is that Twitter has unveiled their very own photo filters that users can access after updating the app on their mobiles. Thanks to their photo filter partner Aviary, there are 8 available filters along with cropping tools and auto-enhancing features for Twitter users. While it's not a cure, it is definitely something fashion bloggers can utilize.  For more information on this update, head over to the Twitter blog.


How do you feel about this issues between Instagram and Twitter? Are you happy that your news feed won't be clogged with Instagram links? Or are you disappointed that you won't be able to directly share your photos with your Twitter fans?

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20 Responses

  1. Chaucee from Streets and Stripes

    Why would they do that? Just so they can get more direct hits?

    • Sarah

      Twitter actually started it when they disabled the “find your friends on Twitter” feature. I’m guessing Instagram did what they did as retaliation. It seems very childish to me – we all want seamless social media integration, not one or the other! Stay in it for the kids, guys!

      • Tali

        Agree with every word you’re saying! This wars have nothing to do with us, and we certainly don’t want to pay for it!

  2. rita

    so if you are not a big facebook user and don’t want to share instagrams into your facebook feed, what is better – using the twitter photo app or instagram? what’s hard is there is no way to search/share twitter photos (yet?) so they are more difficult to go back to then instagram…

  3. Aline C

    If you have your tumblr and twitter synced and you share your instagram pictures on tumblr then your followers can still see your instagram photo on the twitter news feed. The only problem would be that they don’t get connected directly to your instagram link..

  4. Anna

    the worst part is not that you have to click the link…it’s that you can’t use the twitter handle of – let’s say a brand – on the caption as it won’t be displayed correctly on Twitter (it omits the @ )

    • Magali

      When I’m using a brand’s handle, I always manually share from instagram to twitter (via the three dots under the photo after it’s posted as opposed to auto-tweeting while posting). It’s a little more work but ensure things get tweeted smoothly. 🙂

  5. Jenn Staz

    Facebook bought Instagram. That’s why it’s being ripped out of Twitter. So frustrating!! I haven’t tried Aviary yet but I’m excited to see that Twitter made steps to having their own photo partnership quickly.

  6. Tali

    I find it pretty annoying. It will simply double the work of any blogger or reduce traffic. Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg. I hope you’re happy with this little payback.

  7. Hilary Rushford | Dean Street Society

    I’d missed this announcement/change in the midst of my travels so thanks for this article!

  8. Modupe

    I just joined instagram – thanks for the galaxy note 10.1, mom and dad. 🙂 So naturally, this makes me unhappy. I’ve only posted 1 photo! But you’re right, its really not a train smash; captions just have to be more engaging. Also, I think you have a correction to make – “While many are speculating about they this is happening”

    I ♥ IFB!

  9. Kalyca Romeo

    There goes twitter pulling an Iphone stunt. Iphone took google maps off the IPhone 5 to give us their own maps app, look how well that turned out. These social media platforms are so busy thinking about themselves much they fail to see the bigger picture. At the end of it all they all get piece of the pie which is more than enough. Twitter stick to you 140-characters ways and leave the photo filtering to Instagram.

  10. Amanda.

    I was JUST pondering about this the other day when I noticed that the viewing of an Instagram picture feature was disabled from Twitter. I accepted Tumblr doing that considering it was an actual social network. Instagram is just an app where you can filter pictures and share with others! So now it’s considered a social network? So now since Instagram has moved from an “pretty picture” app on the iPhone to a popular social network, I have to create an authentic caption for people to view my pictures via Twitter? That’s annoying. Of course, it’s all about marketing. A great stunt for Instagram but rather inconvenient for its users.

  11. Jeremiah Y.

    I’m glad that I finally found out the truth about why my Instagram pictures won’t show up on Twitter. I just wish that the support questions would tell you the truth instead of making me go through all the steps that they know won’t work. All they had to say was Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram so it won’t work on Twitter anymore.