Big in 2012: The Most Googled Fashion Brands of the Year

We've definitely reached the official “2012 round up” season on the Internet. As the year draws to a close we're learning about the biggest trends, most popular of this and the best of that. Did you know Google has their own yearly round up, called the Google Zeitgeist?

Gathering information from 1.2 trillion searches in 146 languages, the Google Zeitgeist gives us a fascinating perspective on what piqued the curiosity of the world in 2012. When it comes to fashion searches and trends in the United States, here's a visual of the top 5 in various categories:

In the United States, it seems like the most searched apparel brands like Old Navy, Gap and Forever 21 are ones that appeal to the mass market and also a budget-conscious shopper, while top trending brands (Tory Burch, J. Crew) had significant news coverage thanks to their female executives (Tory Burch herself and J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons). Thanks to the London Olympics, Stella McCartney was the most searched fashion brand in the United Kingdom, with local brands Alice Temperly (worn by Kate and Pippa), Mulberry and Burberry also making the top 10.

Other top searched and trending fashion labels by country:

  • Australia: ASOS
  • China: MAC, Gucci and Chanel all made the top 5
  • Egypt: Ted Baker and Stella McCartney ranked first and second
  • Hong Kong: A&F (Abercrombie & Fitch)
  • Israel: ZARA came in second
  • Malaysia: Coach
  • Norway: Moods of Norway, Louis Vuitton and Acne ranked the top 3
  • Saudi Arabia: Vero Moda and Isabel Marant ranked first and second
  • Spain: ZARA
  • Sweden: H&M


We mentioned last week that there are many ways to use Google to get post ideas for your blog, and these fashion-related lists organized by country give you an excellent overview of what your audience might be looking for. Study your demographics by country – have you been talking about the brands that matter to them?

To explore the details of the Zeitgeist for yourself, select a country, and browse topics from pop culture to fashion, how-to searches, science, sports and news. Here's the United States, to get you started.

After exploring the Zeitgeist are there searches and trends in your country that you find surprising?

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5 Responses

  1. Nasreen

    Some there I didn’t expect to see like Forever 21! I know it’s huge but I wouldn’t have thought that people would be googling it a lot 😛 Oh and the english designers aren’t too surprising, the olympics definitely gave them a well deserved boost 🙂

  2. Daniel

    This explains why I had such a traffic boost when mentioning Ralph Lauren and why when writing about ZARA I got a lot of visitors from Spain. How interesting!

  3. Toni Styles

    Not at all surprised to see Zara trending well; a bit surprised that Calvin Klein was not a top High Fashion search – something tells me that will change in 2013; they’re looking much better. <3

  4. Maria V

    Haha no wonder most of my traffic comes from USA and not from Australia (while I’m Australia based). Its because I don’t own a single thing from ASOS or ever written about it… I prefer Chanel, that’s why.