Daily Dose of Inspiration: What Good Shall I Do Today?




Because it's the giving season. Because we watched the 12.12.12 concert last night and feel like we owe it to everyone to be a little more compassionate, charitable.


How can you contribute more to your community? Can you donate goods to a local shelter? Can you assist a friend who is going through a hard time? You may think you can't do much so why bother but every ounce of effort and time mean something to someone. Why not give yourself a minute this morning to think about how you can put your strong, smart mind to good use for someone else?


Make a difference because you can.


Source // For more inspiration, browse through our Wise Words pinboard.

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  1. Adrienne Nguyen

    With today’s lifestyle, no one has the time to look around and see how unfortunate others are. We take so much for granted and it hurts to see how so many people are left without an adequate place to stay and nutritious meals.

    I just finished finals and I plan on becoming a more active volunteer at the homeless shelter by providing basic medical care to those who are without insurance.

    If only everyone had a place they could call home… a girl can dream, right?