Daily Dose of Inspiration: Be Miserable or Motivate Yourself

wayne dyer

Be miserable or motivate yourself.


First of all, happy Friday, folks. You made it. Second, doesn't this quote just summarize everything we've been saying all year? The very idea that you have the power to control your destiny is so powerful, so motivating. And it's completely true.  It's easy to push the blame onto others i.e. work, boss, family, significant others but those are just scapegoats. Only you can make the changes to your life that will, in the end, result in your happiness.


Make the weekend a good one and we will see you on Monday!


Source // For more inspiration, browse through our Wise Words pinboard.


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4 Responses

  1. Lara Takahashi

    Happy friday from me, too 🙂

    This is partly true, but also such a cliche. It’s true for us who live a a good, average life.
    Go telling this to a kid who has been bullied at school and has his / her self- esteem crashed, people who is seriously depressed, a victim of rape who is too scared to go out. Someone who can’t make it if we don’t help them.

    “Only you can make the changes to your life”.. In your personal life, mainly yes. However there are things like authorities and society that affect our lifes, no matter if we want it or not.
    Then there comes the question if we should adjust and adapt their values to be accepted, or keep our own values and face difficulties from the surroundings for not being like the “norm”.

    That quote is very idealistic, and even tho I am a very idealistic person myself, that woke up the realist in me 😀